Explain Forza Livery in designer

Can someone explain to me what Forza Livery is? When I design a car, I save it and give it a name. Then, after a bit, a duplicate shows up under “my designs” called Forza Livery, but unlike the original file, this one can not be deleted, nor does it show popularity. I see many designs by other creators also called Forza Livery…so if anyone could explain to me what this is, my days would be sooo much better :wink: thanks…

I know what you mean Forza 4 never did this, this what I do once I name my finished paint job a change into another car, go into my designs and delete that forza dup, change back to that car which as no paint on it as you deleted the dup paint, reload the paint job onto that car, I do this with every car paint as I make loads I don’t want dups piling up, why on earth Forza as done it like this is beyond me it’s stupid, I know it’s hassle but I don’t see any other way.

I’m not quite sure what you mean because I have not seen this happen. Most of my paints are simple and ven when I don’t name them they only appear once in my designs.

You get two, one that is your actual design and then a design that’s on the car. You can delete the one made for the car though it will remove it from the car itself.

Kind of annoying as they take up so much space, even painting your car, lets say purple will create a brand new design. It’s stupid but it will probably not change.

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Oh, that seems odd. Capping your paint/tune limit but then forcing the game to double up on all paint jobs? I like my matte purple car…

Needs to change, I hate the paint save layout

After creating and naming a new design all you need to do is load that design on your car. You can then delete the file named Forza Livery. I don’t view this as a problem.