Experiencing micro stutter

Hey guys,
i have at the moment trouble with Apex. I experience micro stutter while driving. Replays have no such problem. Only actual driving.
This problem occurs on 1440p and 4k (monitor and tv).
I did not have this problem before, and now i am even using a 1080ti, so it can’t be that the hardware is not potent enough to run the game mayxed out. (even a 1070 almost did in 4k)
Any suggestions?

Yeah, I’ve had this issue since launch and have spent many hours trying to fix it. Here are the things most likely to help you, but I’ll also link you to the main thread talking about the stutters in this game and how to troubleshoot them. After launching the game and loading into the main menu, open task manager and change the game .exe priority to low and try playing the game to see if it helps. If not, go the other way and max out the priority by selecting realtime. If neither of those do anything, you could try changing your pagefile settings to be anywhere from 10GB-16GB and on a secondary drive if possible.

After doing both of these tweaks (in my case 16GB pagefile and realtime priority) the game runs much better. I can play tracks like Rio and Spa, which were previously unplayable due to crazy stutter, just fine in any car I want and even in the rain just fine. The last you could try is resetting the game settings to default and just pick the highest dynamic setting along with 4k resolution. This helped my friend with an AMD RX480. Let me know if you have any success with any of these tweaks and any questions you have.

Here is the main stuttering thread - https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst62281_Freeze-lag---stutter.aspx?=