Expedition - a Storm's Brewing

I haven’t noticed to the Barn that i was suppose to take and i didn’t took it, there is a way to take it somehow? i tried not in the event and its not working.

because i can’t see it.


any suggestions?

Shows up in/after some Expeditionmission after collecting the hint.

In Optional it shows get Jacket and Hint and Money

I got caught out on a couple of barn finds like this, I had to go back and do the expeditions again and this time do the optional tasks, also I collected the above one during the expedition as well. The game could make it clearer that the ‘optional’ tasks are really quite important and you probably do want to do them.

Like it’s not clear enough already. Person is looking for “big cat in the jungle”.
Big cat + jungle should already give you hint.
It’s also clearly marked as barn find notes in optional tasks list.

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If something says it’s optional and I’m already doing the event as a chore to be got out of the way to complete the game, I don’t read any further.

so you guys say there isn’t any option to get it?