Expansion pass ideas?

so i know the game isnt even out yet, but as im super excited to blast around my country in a hyper car or muscle car i couldnt help but wonder what will the 2 expansion passes include? what would people like to see?

It’s quite probable we’ll see at least one expansion set in the UK, though I’m not sure what kind of theme they’d really aim for with it that would bring something new to the table without being too niche.

They should do something original and expand the base map. Looks like there are plenty of areas we could work with to the north, go across that bridge you see in the “welcome to edinburgh” and you could build the Rosyth Dockyards, would provide a lot of fun driving opportunities. Expand west and utilize all that highland they built to put in a proper mountain pass, maybe someplace for that highway to connect to.


Yeah well sick of the separated “expansions” because it means they don’t actually expand the world. It would have been so much cooler if we had been able to drive to Blizzard Mountain. The map made it look like a possibility, and with just one point of entry it surely would have been easy enough to keep people out. Similarly to the bridges to the north that you mention - that was the first thing that occurred to me when I looked around the map more fully in the demo this morning! Hell, even if they just locked out the new -events- and let people drive around expanded areas, I’d be fine with that.

It would also hopefully mean they would keep things a bit more serious than Hot Wheels. As it stands, I would not be surprised to see them do something with the bikes we see in the opening, especially with The Crew 2 out there with all manner of drivable vehicles and a much larger map. I originally bought that thinking I would not bother with Horizon 4 after the disappointment of 3, but I doubt I’ll really be able to resist too long.

Modern London DLC


Hope it is a free roam Isle of Man with the complete TT course or free roam Northern Island with the Atlantic Drift drive from Belfast to Derry or free roam Southern Island (Eire). Could even be both and have a DeLorean as it was made in Belfast. I have also been to all 32 Counties in BOTH NI and Southern Ireland many times, so I am hoping!


I’m hoping for Hot Wheels part 2 the Revenge. Or maybe Tir na Nog… Avalon… something fun and fantastic.

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hope not hot wheels only got it for the charger

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I know we just had FH3 in Australia, but what about a sand dune/beach expansion!

I go riding in the dunes a lot, so this would be awesome.

You could have other types of Razors, Jeeps, and even Dunebuggies.


Well I think we will get a James Bond DLC. They already hinted JB’s DB5 with the FM7 leak and it would suit perfectly. They just have t add London and a few cool cars, just like the DB10 and C-X75 from the last movie. I would LOVE to see this.


Bets are London and Isle of Wight.

Outside possibility of fantasy island themed around Minecraft/Halo.


Milton Keynes - “Forzathon - drift around 38 different roundabouts in two minutes”.

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Wont be London. They mentioned numerous reasons why on more than one occasion during the weekly streams.
Likely be a separate area you “travel” to. 2 reasons: 1) adding to the map by expanding is not straight forward 2) if said area was already on the map (due to problems with adding at a later date) and was “locked”, they would face a backlash from players of having shut off in game content from the “whole” game behind a pay wall.
Isle of Man or Northern Ireland/Ireland would be fine. Isle of Wight has a road round its circumference and one over the middle, no thanks.


Given the nature of storm island and blizzard mountain I certainly expect it to be an area providing more extreme driving conditions.

It would be great to see an expansion that includes more road racing this time around, which is certainly feasible if the four seasons are implemented.

My bet is on a Scottish Highland expansion, with a good mix of road and rally racing with more extreme altitudes and mountain roads. Complete snow in winter and just asphalt and mixed surface in summer.

The other possibility is a Welsh rally theme with larger jumps and proper rally stages.

Looking at the existing map, I think the Highland’s area is massively under utilised so this is where I believe the expansion will be.


That’s actually something I hadn’t considered before - whatever expansion area we see will very likely also be influenced by the seasonal changes.

Maybe A Hot Wheels Expansion 2 With New Hot Wheels Cars And The Ones From FH3.

Yes EPIC a Hot Wheels expansion with the Route Editor would be Just so radical and mind altering shattering.

But yep has all ready been decided most likely and in the works all ready and will be a nice add to the base game some will love and others will want to drop atomic bombs on.


1. I’d love to see a huge stuntpark with a super long straight for top speed tests, and a down hill straight followed by an insanely huge ramp. Something like a big skatepark for cars.
2. How about a submerged city like Atlantis and race some ancient high tech vehicles through tunnels, halls, walls, magnetic ceilings and such.
3. Or a world war 3 theme version of mad max like racing in UK
4. Maybe Monstertrucks, Drag cars and other hillbilly kind of car stuff.
5. Perhaps a trip to the future with a super futuristic setting where all the most ridiculous concept cars are featured.


This man knows what is a good expansion pass idea.

I with you on all of them.



You young whipper snappers and you’re flashy Hot Wheels Atlantis stunt track, hoola hoops and Dan Folgerberg music!! Lol!!

I dug the novelty of the Hotwheels Pack but I really had a hard time with it staying fun. Didn’t finish it and haven’t gone back to it.

For me and my dream of Horizon having some new things for the CARS, I would love to see the introduction to new car/racing disciplines for each pack. I would differ to you folks about a location. I’m more on the what’s in the pack camp, not so much the where.

They just brought in drift suspension to FM7, isn’t that also slated for Horizon 4. I have also heard that along with the Experimental Drag for 7, there will eventually be some drag stuff brought to Horizon.

I think at least on of the expansions could introduce one of these, like drag for me. Bring in some new things like drag specific upgrades. Huge cubic inch engines, tunable boost, CENTRIFUGAL SUPERCHARGERS! Why’d they go away? Back halved cars with the huge tires. Just new things!

Special either “known” drag cars as a pack. Something like a Street Outlaws car pack. Add “Drag Zones” to the map. Spots that either Offline or online one could pull up to the zone and trigger it just like a speed or drift zone. Just make it have the option to start a head to head drag race. Either light to light, back country road, empty parking lot, wherever.

Tall order, I know. But THAT would be an expansion I would buy!!