Expansion pack wishes/predictions

I think that most of us would like to see old school Tokyo as an expansion pack all body tunes for drift cars and those city light like in Fast and Furious. This type of expansion pack would be one of the greatest expansion packs and i bet a lot of you would agree with me. Share your thoughts what you would like to see as an expansion pack maybe it will come true


Haven’t the devs expressly stated they don’t want to do major cities on a number of occasions?

If I had to guess what one of the expansion packs was gonna be, I’d figure on a Communist island chock full of over-modified classic cars.


I’d rather have Cuba. Driving in the Tokyo streets would sort of suck, only good portion would be the highway system.

Either way a more likely DLC would be fictional settings like every other Forza Horizon major DLC. I say bring back the Hot Wheels DLC!


The expansion pack become a part of the map… How can you have Tokyo in Mexico?

Legoland makes sense, we have Legoland.

Islands make sense off Scotland

Hotwheels makes sort of sense as a theme park.

Tokyo can’t be put in Mexico.


I agree. Tokyo would fit better in FH6 or later and I’d love to see Japan in a FH tittle. But jugging by PG past decisions, I’ll probably be a stormy Island as they did in FH2, 3 and 4. I’d like to see anything related to an expanded version of Mexico’s map without having to leave it to another “world”, or a completely new map with a fresh new game theme and loads of new things to do and exclusive cars for new accolades as well (like a lot of different gameplay stuff so we’d not get bored after 100% completion so soon).

I’d be thrilled if they ever launch Co-op or PvP modes different from the outworn flag, infection and king modes.

Well, anything new, pollished and 99% bug-free would be a plus (but then I fell out of bed and stopped dreaming… as if).

You JDM fans need to come to the realization that this is not the Japan-themed game you were hoping for. Maybe next time. Tokyo would be completely out of place. Besides, the city is too big and dense for them to implement even as the main map, let alone an expansion. I doubt they would do Mexico City for the same reason. I could see a Baja based expansion map, or maybe a fantasy Aztec-themed map, but definitely nothing in Japan.


Frankly, I wish all the JDM fans would stop trying to turn Horizon into Need for Speed. I’m sorry that Need for Speed has sucked for so long now, but let it sort out its own issues. Lets not corrupt other franchises that were meant to be different. Also, at this rate, I’m tired of Japan being a suggestion. I genuinely hope they ignore that country as an option for as long as possible.


I agree, I agree, I agree, I agree, and I agree


One themed expansion, one realistic is how it’s been going.

Themed - Day of the Dead, spooky crazy celebration type street racing type expansion area/island
Realistic - Baja 1000 inspired desert & jungle expansion area/island

you people hoping for Japan need to move on

ive never heard anything so ridiculous as what you just said
yeh a Japan expansion to Mexico lol
you do realize the same people that said FH5 was gonna be in Japan also said it for both fh3 and fh4 as well

probably never be based on Japan due to politics anyway


You could have something like Jurassic Park.

I like the idea of a Cuba expansion (could be fast and furious/street racing themed with a bunch of classic cars) and also a Baja rally expansion. Never really cared for the more fantastical Hot Wheels and LEGO expansions so I would be perfectly fine with 2 more realistic ones.


Yeah, Cuba has high probability.

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Realistic: Cuba based addition set in the 1950’s and 1960s.

Fun/themed: Aztec


I just want an actual freaking expansion based on street racing. We haven’t gotten like any.

FORZA HORIZON 1- Rally Expansion (it’s in the name)
FORZA HORIZON 2- Storm Island (rough terrain and harsh weather, etc)
FORZA HORIZON 3- Blizzard Mountain (based around snow rally)
FORZA HORIZON 4- Fortune Island (which is literally just storm island wtf)

Then, let’s look at the TWO non-off road expansions, Hot Wheels and Lego Speed Champions. With Hot Wheels, you’re basically doing crazy Trackmania runs with big jumps and loops, so that’s out the window, then we have LEGO Speed Champions, which actually has things like long stretching roadways and a race track, and it still barely delivered. It’s literally LEGO. Is that the best you can do for us street enthusiasts?!

How do you mean anyway?, because street racing is already in the game.


Is it too much to ask for exotic locations like Blizzard Mountain and Fortune Island and not toys like Hot Wheels and Lego?

Southern Mexico would be nice.


I thinking a Mexico City/Valley of Mexico expansion pack would amazing considering there’s quite a lot you would associate cars which you might not have thought of before
There’s the bucket loads of VW Beetle being used as taxis, lowriders painted in vibrant and whacky colours and of course the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, home of the Mexican Grand Prix and former host of NASCAR, ChampCar and Formula E races in the city.

This is all surrounded by the eccentric culture, vibrant buildings, beauty countryside and some challenging driving roads that it has to offer

These are just a few things that defy why I think this would be a great first expansion pack


speaking of expansion packs, does anyone think that the James Bond cars will return or how that works with DLC like that, would love for the DB10, CX75, Z8, Lotus, and all to return


Hear me out. Disneys Pixar’s “Cars” as an add-on, just like they did with Lego. I’ve got it all figured out. Just like with Lego, you travel to radiator springs. The first time you travel there, it throws you into a nascar race. After you’ve one that, a short cut scene, then you wake up rolling out of Mack’s truck on a country road, and the gps leads you to the truck that says “I ain’t no Mack! I’m a peterbuilt!” Anyways, you end up in radiator springs and do all the fun things they did in the movie. Car needs tuned? Go to Maters. Cars needs painted? Go to ramones. Side mission like tractor tipping and trying to beat THE DOC HUDSON. Could you imagine driving tow Mayer around casually! I’m really excited for this idea, and would like to know everybody’s thoughts. I think it would be a really cool experience for those who grew up watching cars the movie on repeat, burning through several copies of the disk. Throw some more ideas on top and let’s get this to be an add-on! Because I would definitely buy it. Thank you all!