Expansion Discount for people who Purchased the Ultimate $100 edition?

I Know post have been made where people are frustrated that the expansions (Blizzard & Hot Wheels) were not included in the $100 Ultimate edition. My question is simple. Do people who purchased the ultimate edition get any discount on the expansions, either buying separately or together?

As an “ultimate” purchaser you could by the expansion Pass at a discount fairly soon after the game was launched for a small discount but without knowing what you were likely to get… So you were taking a risk as to what you were going to get… Speculation back then was the second expansion pack would of been “porsches” I don’t anyone saw “hotwheels” coming…

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No but right now the Blizard Mountain DLC is on sale for $7.99 and the Hotwheels is $19.99 so you can get them seperate for less than $30 but that will be over soon.

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For some bizarre reason, the discount only lasted till the end of December of that year.

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They had Blizzard Mountain on sale last night for 7.99 and I checked today and its back to 19.99

I won’t lie, Buying a $100 version of game without getting any expansion is a first for me… I won’t make that mistake again…

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They do tell you what is included in the various editions… AFAIK all the Forza titles have been pretty much the same …


There was a discount for ultimate owners that lasted a month or more when the pass first came out back in November which is when I bought it. It has been on sale for an even better price since then. If you wait a bit I’m sure it will go on sale at some point.


Car pass and expansion pass are 50% off currently for gold/PC users. Not sure if it’s UK only or not though.

I’m in the US and we have the same sale as well. Just picked them both up earlier today (and spent the next hour redeeming all the DLC cars from the autoshow…). Still waiting for the expansion packs to download (didn’t realize that the download does NOT start automatically on PC, you have to find them on the Windows Store and manually install them).