Exhaust pops and flash?

I’ve been away from forza for a few months but back on it now but I’ve noticed hardly any cars spit flames now, I’m sure when I started playing from day one high end cars could been seen spitting flames as I raced amongst them, but now nothing, has this been removed?

Not having this issue almost all of my cars spit flames on a few of them its rather annoying when I just wanna hear exhaust note

The exhaust afterfires are still there, many cars it just depends on what upgrades are on the car it seems.

Cars with turbo’s will be the main ones to shoot flames

YMMV, for me the Aston DBR9 and the LaFerrari are the most spit-firing cars, regaling me with an explosion every time I downshift (the tunnel on Alps sounds more like Vietnam); the 250 GTO ain’t kidding too, and I got an open pipes Clio V6 that seems to be getting more and more eager to light 'em up every time I take it out for a spin. All of those are NA cars. On the other hand, my upgraded Ferrari F40 doesn’t seem too BBQ-happy.

Running Higher Octane fuel can and upgraded exhausts also cause it to back fire. Remember I said “Cars with turbo’s will be the main ones to shoot flames” Not the only ones :slight_smile:

The PI and Class shouldn’t matter. It has more to do with the Upgrade parts you put on the car

Lol wheres the option for higher octane fuel?Race exhaust is the key to getting the flames.

Haha meant that in terms with real world cars. The cars mentioned earlier are higher end cars and would be running it if the game is simulating those cars correctly

Turbo’s and race exhausts and it becomes annoying

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Are we talking R class guys? As I’ve not seen one car doing it as yet.

I’m sure when I first started playing I see tuned A class motors spitting flames maybe I’m mistaken.

We run a vintage TransAm Series on Wednesday nights and the cars are limited to under 500 hp and limited to B580pi Naturally Aspirated. Most of the cars in that series spit flames when shifting depending on your RPM and amount of time before you get back in the throttle. It does get annoying sometimes but makes for great photos when entering an off throttle corner.