Exclusive Taste and Ferrari Collector Achievment

Hi board, it’s been a loooong time since I was last on these forums, but from what I remember, the community is totally awesome!

So today I’ve come for your help, I was just wondering if anybody could lend me the cars required to get the two achievements, I really wanna get them, but theres no way I would be able to buy them myself in game, I don’t have anywhere near enough credits.

Unfortunately I don’t really have much to offer in return, I can give you some cars, but I don’t really have many good ones /:

So yeah, would anybody be kind enough to help me out? It would be hugely appreciated! Thanks in advance! (:

Check out the ‘Brokenvegetable’s Forza 4 Giveaway - ANY 5 CARS YOU WANT’ thread in Off Topic. BV is the King of giveaways and he will give you any 5 cars you want just for listing them in the thread. I’d loan you the cars but you might as well have your own set ! Sorry, would have used a link but I tried the old way and it didn’t work.

Thanks dude, I just asked that guy for the cars in the Exclusive taste achievement, thanks for the reply.

If anybody else out there is willing to help me out with the Ferraris could you please let me know? Thanks! (:

If it helps, put a VW Rabbit up in the AH for 10 Mil buyout 24 hours and I’ll pick it up. I think that should cover the rest of the Ferraris : )

Wow, really? That would be awesome! (: Thanks dude I’ll be sure to put one up right now! My Gamertag is: avenge sp, if you needed to know that haha
Thank you dude! :smiley:

I can help as well just send a msg to this gt saying what cars you need and you don’t have to give me anything
gt: xebot360

Got the Rabbit. Glad to help, especially since it turns out you’re from my old hometown ! Up the Owls : )