Exclusive Cars?

I really like to own multiple versions of my favorite race cars. I know you can just load tunes and paintjobs (which have problems and glitches on F7) but I like owning multiple versions anyway. A fully painted race car, a greyed out version for testing, and maybe even some special edition paint jobs for favorite tracks and events. Now I’m faced with “You already own this exclusive car”. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] WHY!!! Forza Horizon should be your game for casual car gamers, this game needs to be for the racers. We’re spending all of our time talking about “exclusives”, car collecting, and prize crates. When we should be talking about qualifying sessions, pit crews, and anything else that applies to RACING. Remember racing? That thing your game is built around but somehow gets neglected more than anything else. You guys actually ran a commercial showing a pit crew working on a racecar! Turn 10 is an insult and a joke to the racing community.

I kinda went on a rant there…

Anyway exclusive cars are a stupid idea.


??? Not exactly sure what the point of that rant was. The garage limit is over 900 cars as far as I know so you can have multiples of the same cars without any problems.

Ok, go buy two Audi R8 GT cars, or two Porsche GT cars. Let me know how that works out for ya.

The problem here is with some reward cars, such as the speciality dealer cars, which you can only have 1 of.

There is always the possibility to find another one on the auction house, but more likely than not there won’t be.

I feel the same way, especially with the still locked regular M4. I would love to own multiple of these, not the FE version. But the chances of it being anything other than an exclusive vehicle is out of the question until proven otherwise.

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Have to side with the OP here without the rant. If the garage limit is 900 and I want to have 900 Monte Carlo FE’s then besides needing my head checked I should be able to do it. There are a lot of restrictions in this game where it would have been better served to concentrate on other areas that are lacking.

For the record, I fell for the pit stop set up in the promo too. Wait for the promo when I sell my house I might even move it to a really snobby area and add a beachfront.

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