Excessive update download?

This isn’t a whinge complainy moaning post. But I’m wondering what the deal is with the hugely excessive update downloads?
At the moment I’m only able to get on once every couple of weeks, I look forward to it, I get comfortable launch up Forza 5 and I’m hit with a 2.5GB update. Last time I signed in it was a 1.7GB ish update. I live in an urban area but we only have 8mb broadband, basically I can’t play Forza tonight…again, I have to leave this running overnight and hope next time I don’t have to go through this again.
What’s the deal with this? I’m 100% in favour of devs patching and hot fixing content, but what could be so broken that it requires endless amounts of corrective GBs? That’s absolutely huge, it could be a massive chunk of the application being reinstalled! I’ll take that over not having updates, and I appreciate it isn’t the devs fault I get a small time window to play, but does anyone know what this is all about so I can feel a little less annoyed at being continuously unable to play the game when I want to?!

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My guess is it’s the added content that has come out recently. Since you only get a chance to get on the game every couple of weeks, it may be trying to catch up with the car pack content and the Road America expansion. Road America was a free expansion to add the track, it was a relatively large update in itself, but the game also adds the new DLC car packs whether you purchase them or not, so the data for the cars is on your console (this eliminates the all black “Null BMW” from previous games when you didn’t own the DLC). This also allows the Drivatars to use the new cars in your races without you needing to buy the pack. Besides that there have been a couple update/patch things that came out, though they weren’t all that big.

And, Xbox LIVE has also released the console update during the past few days: http://majornelson.com/2014/03/04/xbox-one-march-system-update-rolling-out-today/

Yea that sux man I know how U feel. Like 7 or so yrs ago I lived in a rural area where I could not get high speed at all. I had dial up… I was a big diablo 2 fan and bought world of Warcraft. Installed the game and had to download the most recent update, half a gig worth. Took a week of downloading at night while asleep. Finally got it do e and another was released that day. Needless to say I never played wow.

I’d suggest just turning on the game once a week or so weather u play or not just so it can catch up on the updates and will be good to go whenever u play.

Here’s a list of FM5 content updates to date:

Maybe you should try out the instant on and auto download updates options.

My town only has a max 6mpbs option but I have a .5mbps connection (yes, max speed is around 500kbps!) so I use the auto download to download updates while its off, when I’m usually sleeping, and it works great. You just have to finish the installation and it’s good to go.

Seems like its not working lately but should be fixed at some point as its noted on the support forums.