EVILHOMER40's tuning emporium *UPDATED LIST + NEW TUNES*

Hi all, after having such a great time taking part in the EMW Simmo & Mod tuning competition I’ve gotten back into tuning again!

Most of the cars are front wheel drive and in the lower classes as that’s where I’m best. Its mostly new builds but there are a couple of old favourites that have had setup changes based on what I’ve learnt since they were originally shared.

I’ll start the tune list on this coming Tuesday/Wednesday.


Cool! Looking forward to the catalog. Good luck!

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Nice one mate !!!

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Thanks for the support guys :slight_smile:

looking forward to this

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good to see that Simmo’s comp relit the tuning spark Evil!!!

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Right, first NEW tune added today

D class Toyota Celica 2003 tuned for Nurburgring+GP tuned this to be easy for lobby use then put it in 30th on the leaderboard! Tune is called Nurburgring+GP

Hi guys, sorry its taken me so long to post more tune details but I’ve been on holidays/vacation (delete as appropriate).

C class

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 Tech line Top Gear…C LOBBY

Lobby tune but really competive, only 1.5sec behind my awesome Integra round most circuits. Been getting great results in lobbies in this since I tuned it on Sunday

Acura Integra Type R…VERS 4 HOT LAP

This is not a new tune but definitely worth reminding people about. Hot lap and lobby monster tune, this car is easy to drive and devastingly effective. Capable of top 25 times on multiple circuits in the right hands. Best used round any of the Nurburgring tracks, Silverstone, Spa, Bathurst and basically any circuit that has decent straights but isn’t ridiculously tight. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Honda Prelude Si…C CLASS LOBBY

Lobby tuned race winning Honda that won’t have people accusing you of running leaderboard cars! Decent speed and great handling mean this car will work well on most C class lobby tracks.

Rolls Royce Wraith… 200MPH C CLASS

Tuned for Le Mans and does 200mph+ on old Le Mans. Awesome fun in lobbies but make sure you get on the brakes early for the right hand turn at the end of the Mulsanne straight cos this thing weighs the same as a small house. NO REAR AERO! No vulgar rear wing to retain the classic Rolls shape.

Ford Lotus Cortina…C GRIP RACE

Lobby grip tune with no front aero fitted. This car grips, turns and has great acceleration (7.8) and has won many raced on shorter tracks where its handling and acceleration means it goes like hell through the corners then rips to the next one.

Civic CRX Mugen…NEW C RACE

My go to weapon of choice for Laguna Seca and Le Mans Bugatti circuit. Different to many others as it uses a 6spd race transmission instead of the 5spd fitted to many others. Great handling and braking, no lift off oversteer make this a vice free easy to master multiple race winner you can rely on in lobbies and hot lapping.

Try them, like them and post feedback good or bad…



Thanks for link here EH40 ill be sure to check in and download future tunes

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