Everyone quits the championship cause the AI is too strong

trying to complete that co op championship on treasure island but everyone abandons the race and i don’t blame them…this AI is stupid strong you literally have to drive like a pro f1 driver

6 laps doesn’t help either cause you are bound to make a mistake and the AI never makes mistakes, once he overtakes you it’s over you can kiss that first place goodbye.

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You are at a serious ADVANTAGE when everyone else quits. You are one race down but from there even finishing 4th guarantees victory.

I race no assists and against unbeatable all the time so it’s no different, but as I said even 4th secures victory. This is handy because the top three are always on rails so even if you make a huge mistake you will be fine.


This race is just too fast for me. Didn’t attempt it.
Last season, Co-Op with the Abarth (Class B I think?) was awesome. I ran the trial about 3 times. Once for myself and 2 other times just to help folks get the prize.

The prizes on fortune island are just credits or wheelspins so no real loss if you cant get it done

Get in the Ascari tune it up and you’ll soon win. Or hopefully you get in a lobby with me, and I’ll help you win. Got a successful record of almost 9 out of 10 first places on this one.

The lambos for me just seem to slow accelerating out the corners and the tune I have for the Ascari has me a good 15 seconds in front of the pack at the end of each race.

Literally its the highest difficult the game is not gonna give you the reward easy, but at same drivatars on every forza are slow the problem is they race dirt

I did the Aston Martin trial event and my team came out on top first try. I built my car with the forza splitter and wing then upgraded the car with a supercharger for power and grip. Didn’t actually realise that the AI were meant to be on Unbeatable difficulty. It was a fierce set of races set on that Edinburgh circuit with all the annoying barriers every corrner. Tried to keep clean but lost my rear wing in a couple of the races.
What can I say? I made a cool tune and a cool livery for the car as well as winning a gold leather jacket that actually looks like gold.

Got to admit I use these to tune my car’s seeing the aspects of online racing in FH4 has dramatically changed.

Just gave it a try with the Ascari, as it sounded like a better challenge than most things in the game. Races 1 and 3 weren’t hard to beat all the drivatars, but in race 2 I only finally caught and passed the 1st drivatar on the final lap. A huge part of the reason for that was the time it took me to get past 4 humans, during which time the drivatars were pulling away. But I’d say >90% of players of the game wouldn’t have beaten that 1st drivatar in race 2. The human team won 2-1, but 4 of the 6 humans were certainly struggling in the last 2 races.

I’d say overall it didn’t seem uniquely hard compared to some Trials on the mainland, it’s not that unusual for the AI to be stronger in 1 of the races than the other 2. You definitely don’t need to drive like a pro F1 driver, but maybe top 10% kind of standard. The long races were good, as it gives more time to reel the lead drivatars in after working your way through the field.

When you’re driving a McLaren Senna and the AI blasts past you in a ford fiesta and takes corners faster than a Formula 1 car you know the A.I is cheating garbage.

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The Hypercars Co op? I placed 1st on the last two races with my Porsche 918. Try the tune out. I would have won the first race too had I not been knocked wide of a flag. The Driving or Braking line aid helps a lot with faster cars on those windy roads if you haven’t memorized the track yet.

Don’t be one of the quitters. I’ve won a Forzathon Co-op with only one teammate before. It was funny to think of everyone who left after the first race because they think they’re always supposed to be the fastest.

that Trial is horrible. I always finish in top3 (maybe 4) and I’m always the 1st in my team. Using the Pagani Zonda C, but I’ll try the Ascari.
The problem is that it doesn’t matter how good you are, the entire rest of the team will come last (with maybe 1-2 exceptions at best) and THEY WILL NOT QUIT after the 1st race.
No… they are quitting after the 2nd race. So when the score is 2-0, it really doesn’t matter if I’m left alone with the AI and beat the crap out of them.

I love Team Adventure and Team Trials.

Wrong. Everyone quits because the majority are poor drivers. AI is definitely not too strong. After everyone else quit the first race of the Apollo IE trial I dominated the rest of those races with ease. Y’all just need to learn to corner better.


Pls, look at dates.

Cool, then id like you to try this, you in a x999 car, vs AI in S2 927 cars, on unbeatable, should be np for a pro like you.

The Blueprint is located at the Goliath start point, and called 'JU1CE_CANNON SPRINT' with 'waznewz' as creator. straight up sprint race, up along the lake, over to the highway, ending after the second tunnel, in the summer, dry weather, no rain or nothing, only drawback is, your x999 Top tuned Aston Martin Vulcan FE, cannot outrun soccermom in the Focus. Have fun. :-)

Well when searching your gametag there is not that race. But race where is mclaren as option, first try and i won by 13 seconds.

strange, plenty of people have used the blue print, none of them winning so far, so it it should be searchable.

Lemme try my hand at it.

Result: 10 seconds ahead of second, and my run was messy. btw, you named it “Unwinnable @ unbeatable” not juice cannon sprint.

When i search there is only 3 races, forzathon tvr, same race but using mclaren (that was really easy) and goliath money cheat (what is funny btw that one of your fist YT videos was ranting video abaout cheaters)

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So instead of blaming themselves for poor driving, they blame the game’s AI. This is a situation where ‘git gud’ is totally warranted. The AI may be programmed with some minor rubber-banding, but it’s nothing that gives me any grief. Tune your cars right, and slow down when cornering. Trace lines as perfectly as you can. You’ll win.

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