Every Car Should Have Their Own Leaderboard

This has probably been discussed many times on here, but I just want to let the Turn 10 staff that read the forums that this is a feature I want. Every car should have their own leaderboards. In every Forza Motorsport game, there are a handful of cars in each class that are just heads and tails better than pretty much everything else. Those cars will dominate the overall lap times on the leaderboards. If I’m not driving one of those cars, then I don’t find how fast they’re going in leaderboard cars all that relevant to me. I want to know how fast people are going in the SAME car as me. In Forza 4, some of my favorite cars to drive were cars like the Saab 9-3X Turbo or Volvo S60R so I like to drive cars that other people don’t really drive. I think it would be more fun if I could see how I compared to other guys in the same vehicle, class, and track. That’s not to say that overall leaderboards should go away. I’d just like the option to check by car as well.

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All of what you are saying belongs either here or here.

Some food for thought on your ‘leaderboard for every car’ idea: the amount of server space and activity required to save over 200 vehicle lap times per one-million plus gamers is, even in today’s age, a very tall order.


It be nice to have 2 more leaderboards (not such a tall order)

Specific formula r class and formula x class. So that way the other r class cars and x class cars could show up somewhere above the top 1000.

Indy cars, the Gt cars, hyper cars and r and x creations from builds. Are all swallowed whole by amateurs in formula one cars (see the assists they have- I don’t fault anyone for using assists - but auto braking f1s are hiding legitamate great times in Indy cars and others.

OP: It’s a tall order, yes, but I LOVE this idea.

+1.6 billion.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time myself. Maybe just make a filter for the leader board where you could set parameters and one of those parameters is car make and model. That’s just a simple query…not an entire leader board.

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This would be largely useless, though. Let’s say my S-class leaderboard time for Bathurst is held by a V8 Supercar, but you want to look at Zonda times. (I forget if there is an S Zonda, but whatever…) I won’t show up on your search even if I also drove a Zonda there. The leaderboards only keep track of one time per class per circuit. You could eliminate most of a leaderboard by searching by model if there isn’t tracking of times per model.

I have a friend whose fastest Long Beach -full time is in his E21, as is mine, but my IndyCar times are even faster than his E21 time, but he can’t verify that because there’s no tracking of that since my E21 times are faster. Most friends also set their best in the E21. One, however, insisted on sticking with his Indy car. Now, if he wanted to just compare his time versus to other Indy times, most players wouldn’t show up, even if they also ran an Indy car as I did. He wouldn’t have much to see.

We can’t have leaderboards for every model, though. I don’t remember the total number of track variants, but let’s say it’s 60. I don’t recall how many cars after DLC, but let’s say 260. How many classes each can be varies, but let’s say the average is four. Now, that’s 60 times 260 times four. That would be 62,400 leaderboards.

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No man…I know it’s not that simple, but if I run S class in say the 35th anniversary Camaro and run my best lap in it…I would think it would be pretty easy to have an option to sort best times by make and model to see who else ran their best time with that car and see how I compare. It would be as simple as allowing us to click on the column header to sort alphabetically.

This would be a great feature!

A more detailed leaderboard is something I have long craved from Forza.

Being able to track times per specific car is a great idea, tall order or not. You could further divide the categories for each car down to “stock” and also each class the car is capable of running in.

I like to drive all the cars, in stock form and with several different builds, and it would be nice to be able to track each model’s individual performance without keeping a notebook handy.

We dont even have overalls yet.

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We need overall leaderboards

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A leaderboard per car may not be necessary if you are able to filter a given leader board by car. It won’t give you all the fastest times (because a player might have their fastest time in different car), but it gives at least some comparison

I like the Idea, but it’s not gonna happen. There would be too many possible leaderboards for the servers to handle.

I would and love to see a local leaderboard make it’s return to Forza, hint hint T10;-)

People keep saying this but don’t understand it wouldn’t have to be an independent leaderboard for each car in the game… but rather a simple filter by car make/model query on the existing leaderboard lists. A cup of dirt has the power to do that.

Nope. A filter only shows those who have chosen not to run quicker cars.


X class. There may be 4800 E21 times in the top 5,000 and 200 people have chosen to not run the E21 yet. What value is there in seeing the other 199 indycar times. I want to see how I compare to the quickest drivers in the world not those who have not run the quicker cars yet.

Great value.
Some people are not so much focussed on being on top of a class-based leaderboard, they just want to have any way to compare their times with a specific car with other people`s times.
Basicly the current leaderboards tell you next to nothing about your driving skills if you are not willing to choose the cars/tunes the leaderboard dictates.
Imo a filter-by-car option (within the selected class), like people suggested it here, would have great value.

A filtered leaderboard will tell you next to nothing about skill level. If the top 5,000 have all run the E21 and you sort for indycars you may be top but the 5000 best drivers do not appear so what skill level are you if you top the sorted leaderboard?

I would prefer career based leaderboards ie leaderboards with the restrictions used in career. I would prefer something like this where indy cars and other racing cars can compete on a level playing field before overall leaderboards. But they are two separate issues anyway.

New specific leaderboards will take space, especially where every time set has a replay.

Overall does not need new replays saved.

Career based leaderboards is a great idea Eduardo!

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