Every blueprint is a "cheat" blueprint. The search is broken. Eventlab is broken

I just wanna find normal races, with AI, on tracks that aren’t “maximum points” “get achievement” things like that. Search doesn’t include things like AI on or off, or a keyword system to reject. But above all the biggest issue is search only returning a few results!

If you’re gonna be this open and let so much through, then show us more results. At least let me search through the pile of dung. There’s so many great Eventlabs out there, but finding them is a Herculean task


Let me correct you on one thing it’s not cheating.


People should enter proper names and descriptions for their Blue prints or Super 7’s. That would solve a lot of problems. Same goes for tunes and paints

I don’t think that would help as some of the ones I have seen are not in English,. I get that not everyone can speak English and for them they would have the same problem with ones not written in their native language.


LOL - you know how we know you don’t actually read the tune notes that pop up when you select a tune? Is “A800” then seeing “semi-slick tires” and “race” other transmission and suspensions somehow NOT obvious to you?

Is a blue car with a file named “Blue” not obvious enough to you?

Can you complain about REAL things - not your inability to actually read details?

P.S.: OP - check the entry list before you start the races - typically can show you if you have AI with you.

my first suggestion would be to start looking through here

I like long races ( point to Point preferred ) and have found a few here, the other thing I do is to go to every starting point of a race and check all the custom offerings, I know that the search function per se leaves rather a lot to be desired.

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You can check the settings in a race before you start the race if they not to your liking just back out, quite simple really.

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I do read the description of the tunes and designs I download. I add them myself too to make them more findable and so people know a bit more about it. It’s too bad you can’t read the descriptions when you search tunes or designs but have to download them first and then look it up in My Designs and My Tunes.

Learn how keyword searching works - it’s not a reverse look up - if it returns the item, you hit a keyword. Congratulations.

And again, how is seeing “A800” “Rally suspension” “off-road tires” not telling you enough about the tunes you’re downloading? You’re all hung up on if I put some specific word in a list of keywords I can choose or not and literally are angry at people for it and want the game devs to do something to force people to be more descriptive.


Calm down.

Wel I like making replicas so I always add a description so people know which bodykits and wheels to install and some keywords to make it better findable. Same with the tunes that go with the replica designs

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Great, wonderful. I do as well. Be the change you want and encourage others to do the same.

…you know instead of whatever that whiny diatribe was.

Your best bet is to follow creators once you find one that actually makes races. You have to keep dumpster diving to find those gems though.

The forums can also be a good place to ask around, see if anyone is a creator or knows a good creator.

I make some stuff. I’m nowhere near some of the best creators and I’m still learning the best way to make the races I want to make, but I make real races and my lines are… Ok. Good enough. Better than the majority. I also (usually) unshare any blueprint that isn’t something unique.

PS I sometimes reduce AI opponents but I don’t think I’ve ever removed them.

Your solution to a lack of information up front is to not solve that issue, but to instead go into it, load it up, check it, and then back back out if it doesn’t have the settings you wanted, that is your solution, instead of simply “let people see the blueprint details”.

Do you also suggest “if you don’t like it don’t play it” as a solution to issues too ? This is incredibly unhelpful and counter-productive. I’ll never understand people who think the status quo is the only way, and any change it anathema.

Having players have to enter a race simply to see something like if there are other racers is just weird. It’s such a CORE feature to a racing game, simply putting on top of the blueprint an icon or something that says “this is a solo/this is against others”. But no, just let people see the blueprint settings. It is daft not to.

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