Evercool Racing Has Moved

Evercool Racing has recently moved to new home!
We are happy to make this announcement! Our club had operated out of old site for several years, met many now great friends there, had some great times and laughs!

New home is taking shape nicely, and has better features and brand new look! Hope to see friends new and old at our new site!


Hmmm. I don’t think that’s the right web site… Unless you are promoting a fan company…

Is it possibly www.evercoolracing.com instead? :slight_smile:


Nacho’s right. Visited your sight and looks real promising. Registered and will go back soon.

LOL thanks…i was making a dash out to work and in a hurry!
Ill edit once home today!
Gang will get a kick out of this :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

looked at the new site, nice lay out.

have a good-n

thanks Cipher, hope to see you on track again soon!

Will be on a couple more times this month then will be scarce from then on, check my post ( CIPHERS LIFE CHANGING DECISION ) in the ( OFF TOPIC ) I am going back to over-the-road driving

have a good-n

Wish you well Cipher, drop by when you have the time! You always welcome…

Hope to see new faces and old friends on our new site!
We have added xb1, iracing and are including several new racing games now… and we are including games not of racing nature as well!
We are still active in F4 with weekly events and monthly HLC comps.

Drop by and say hello anytime! Give us a shout while visiting!

just a friendly bump to thread!

We are still alive and active at Evercool Racing!
I’m glad to see a lot off the " gang" still here on forums as well!