Events broken

EDIT: my issue posted below has been resolved feel free to delete this post or whatever : )
So i have been trying and trying to do the playlist events to get the RTR mustang, but the buggy championship is broken for me ive done it atleast 7 times now this last time took me the longest as i thought doing it on the highest dificulty was the answer but it was yet again a waste of my time and the event along with a few others i have attempted still show as “Not Complete” please any help will be great as its not even the first time as i have missed out on the prelude, 300ZX and the regalia because of the event not registering i had completed them, i didnt mind too much about those but its getting rediculously frustrating. Again if theres somthing i have missed that can fix this it would be greatly appreciated.

It doesn’t automatically continue to all the races in the Championships, so forgive the most obvious question: Did you in fact do ALL of the races in the Championships?

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Are you kidding me? Every event is broken in this game. Every time I go to one I check what type of car restrictions it has and what class it needs to be.
I go back to my garage make a vehicle to their specs that they list and then of course nope that vehicle isn’t available for the event. If your going to make restrictions make sure you have a clue as to what you are doing. Which is obviously the case here.

Yes! Drive to each one marked on the map, win the races, says “championship finished” and i get credit rewards and the wheelspin BUT my percentage in the playlist dosent go up and in the playlist the event is marked “Not Complete” the only events that worked and increased my percentage was one PR stunts and the showcase with the ford anglia racing the train, my seasonal championships have not been working since day 1 as i stated in my original post i missed out on getting past cars aswell but the new play list stuff is way more to do but yet im still not getting the rewards, its making me no longer enjoy the game by just wasting my time and effort.

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OK so are you winning each championship on “Expert” difficulty so all 3 stars are marked as completed, or are you just finishing the 3 races and not winning? You have to win the championship on Expert in order for the championship to be marked as completely complete if that makes sense, and not just finishing the championship.

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Took me some time but with some cheeky driving i even managed to beat it on unbeatable dificulty i usualy have it set to expert, i doubt it myself, but could it have somthing to do with the older xbox? I have a freind who has had the same problem and within my group of freinds him and i are the only ones who are still using the 1st gen 2013 Xbox one.

Just FYI. I have the original Xbox One and have no issues with this. Perhaps reinstall the game?

Il give a re-instal a try but im not too bothered as imsure there will be other chances to get the cars in the future.

Update: ive found the issue as i was going to uninstall i noticed there were multiple local save files for some reason so i figured id give it a try and delete those and re-sync from the cloud save and now the events are shown as complete, seems these rouge local save files were conflicting/overwriting data somehow.