Eventlab is a complete and utter mess

Create your own races and events! Or more like find new dozens of bugs and nothing will work and the time you spent working on it is lost and you wont get it back!

Checkpoint bugs:

  1. Not registering checkpoint driven trough and it doesnt matter wether theyre on the same road or on a different. its doenst matter which lap, could be on the first or maybe in the 6th or 9th. You never know when, all you know is that it will mess up your game.

Either it doesnt work or doesnt register previous checkpoints but still lets me drive past them just to start resetting me on a checkpoint every 5 seconds which is at least 10 seconds away from me. GREAT JOB!

So often it tells me I missed a checkpoint where no checkpoint have ever existed…and either resetts me or so often lets me continue with a messege being stuck to the screen. Your game is weird.

  1. Finished event which is a 3 lap event somehow screws up everything and makes is a progress springt shown with 3 laps, a timer running out and somehow the race is finished after the first lap???

This ones confuses me majorly becouse what is even game?

You spend so much money and still receive a buggy mess…

EDIT: After 7 hours of driving, trying out and testing i still constantly encounter same mistakes, same bugs and same problems. I tried to meddle, to adjust, try to optimize and figure out what the problem ist but its completely random. I cant see the idea and the point. The sprints work without bugs but i cnat do more than one lap, the circles are just constantly bugged.

If I would have been the designer and developer of this selling it to people as a feature I would be ashamed of myself but hey, im not a corporate sellout.

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  1. There is a bug if you try to create a Circuit race from a Sprint Race location, it messes up, gives a broken counter and ends after one lap. Seems to be a random thing as it doesn’t always happen (I am fairly certain one of my circuit races started from a sprint though can’t be sure)

Sad seeing this was posted a month ago, I prefer turning all the races into road circuit events and there’s so few of them to work from with this decision/bug.

For the love of all that is Holy, can a mod or someone from PG PRETTY PLEASE let us know if this is an intentional design decision or a bug that will be fixed. This wasn’t an issue in FH4 and it’s a joy kill!