[Event Lab] Player ID appears have issues

Hi, I just wanted to post this in case it wasn’t a known issue / in case it’s actually not an issue and I’m in the wrong:
In event lab, comparrisons to Player ID, adding to Player ID, etc does not appear to work properly. (>=, <=, >, <, == never seem to return true, and adding to PlayerID seems to return a 0).

This is work-aroundable (for a unique ID you can just use grid position, and write it to a player variable to keep a unique ID), but if this is a deliberate restriction it’s not very easy to debug (as logging the value to a GUI indicator works, despite the comparrisons not working). It’d be cool if this could be changed, as this makes the barrier to entry for randomized asymmetric objectives much higher.

On event lab, I also think it would also be fantastic if there was a “generate random number within bounds” or even a “find modulus” action, as other possible solutions are quite complex and not very random.