Event Forzathon taken down

Because my event was taken off the air, I was leading today, and from the list of the best of the month too.

Can someone explain the reason?

Perhaps they really couldn’t explain the likes. I mean, 7K likes in less than a week for this?

Honestly, I’ve seen plenty of these the past 2 weeks similar to yours…a simple short drive with no creativity using the tools. All just to get easy points/influence. There was another thread saying the same thing, and these are boring as heck. The point of actually doing this creator was to create challenging courses for PR stunts. Like others, we actually hit ‘dislike’ on these, as these are not really fun…but just a quick route to get points for the Star Card.

Hopefully they are removing others as well.

Your answer is totally clueless, I’m not asking if you liked it or don’t want to know the reason for the meaningless removal for me since I was leading. Understand the question, if I wanted to know your opinion about whether it would be easy or difficult to run, I would have opened another forum on the subject.

Sorry, I was watching your gamertag, you only have 11 days playing at Forza, so you can’t even start a conversation about it. I wasted my time answering you.

First. Here is a really great answer to why your event got knocked off the best of the month…trending…whatever. Looking at the top of yours, it has the little gamepad with a small number…less than 8k. That means less than 8000 plays. At the moment, there are the others with way more, in the 20K…to 60k ranges. So, yours got knocked out of there. Simple as that. Why? Its not one of the ones people want to play.

2nd. Gamertag? Really? Stalk much? So, fine…look at the Forum tag. You have 1050 Forza points, I have 5611. Been playing Forza a lot longer and more than you overall. you just became a member in 2020. I’ve been since 2016. Again, longer and more often than you.

So, you have your answer. And rarely do the Forza developers ever comment on a thread. So, time for you to move on, and make a better race people will play to get back up in the Top 10…best of the month, whatever your goal is. Good luck!

No comments!!!

I really couldn’t disagree with you more in regards to removing routes.

I understand where you are coming from, but I am not sure that the sole reason for these is to create challenging routes. If you (and others) enjoy the challenging one, fine, do them.

But to suggest that the ones that bore you should be eliminated is not right. Perhaps others find the ones you enjoy to be boring.

The whole point of Horizon 4 is to enjoy the game as each of us choose. It is not meant to cater to only the likes of each of us.

Perhaps if cars and other rewards didn’t require getting points/etc in these types of events, then there might not be a need for easy ones…


In total agreement until that last line. People will always find a way to do things quicker and easier. It could be “do 5 drift skills to win car” for Winter and people will just time hop.

Fair enough. I don;t know anything about time hopping, though.

I was thinking more about needing to get to level 7 in Super 7 to get the new vehicle, but Ii totally get your point.

In the past few months I’ve noticed that people want to play a fast and easy running event. Especially that you’ve done everything in the game.

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I don’t know about it either, I just know people still get banned for doing it then hop on here and post something with the headline “why did I get banned, I got a car early so what???” Lmao

I read somewhere on Reddit that if you go to new and be the first one to do someone else’s challenge you get 5,000 points. So that’s exactly what I did for 2 hours almost. There were a few times where it rewarded 5,000 multiple times, so I’m not sure of the algorithm. I’m also not sure I want to do 77 challenges total or do 7 cards, cause holy crap it’s a crapshoot if you get a good one. I had one where it was a speed trap but the entire trap almost was surrounded by ramps. :roll_eyes:

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People who criticize do not understand things well, funny, when setting up difficult running, I only got a few downloads, now that I learn that people want easy things, I get thousands of downloads. As the old man says, “If you can’t win, join them.”

I think that you’re confusing this with a Super 7 card - This is a race event.

TBH - It’s pretty pointless having a point-to-pint event as an ‘easy forzathon win’.
I’ve seen a few claiming to be an ‘easy forzathon win’, but for the forzathon, it has to be a circuit event - not point-to-point.
Maybe you got dislikes because it wasn’t a circuit event & it didn’t therefore count towards the forzathon completion.

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I liked your answer, more plausible, but I thought it was very wrong to withdraw my event, as it was only 5 hours to finish the 48 hours of the event, the boring staff must have complained and the Forza team must have removed it, maybe whoever commented talking badly about this here in the forum, be your own.

To summarize the story: Before you comment here on my topic. Difficult circuit or event, very little download, short or easy to play event or circuit, thousands of downloads, this is a fact. And a full stop in history …

I am waiting for an official response from Team Forza on the real reason for removing the event without needing to do so.