Event Countdown - Sound Too Low!

I am sick of missing “PGG” and “Trial” event due to the very low sound of the 10-second countdown that pops up after up to 5 minutes of waiting (while doing other things).

Some of us cannot sit and watch the TV/monitor waiting for the event to start and get on with other things while the 5 minute initial countdown takes place.

Lost track of how many times I’ve missed events over the last year or so due to the very low sound of the boop-boop-boop!

Any chance of increasing the volume of this?

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you do know that YOU can turn your volume up yourself

That is with the volume turned up! Any louder and the intro sequence is way too loud!

So you are saying I should have my TV way too loud and volume sliders to reduce volume of certain elements?

If so, that just sounds like a workaround!

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I have the similar issue with party chat volume. Even with the game, xbox, and tv settings adjusted (as optimized as I possibly can), I have an awful time hearing party chat banter over the car engine, game sound effects, and radio stations if I’m trying to play with the most complete audio experience.

Like your situation, it’s not as simple and one-dimensional as just turning up the volume; doing so will just jack up everything else and send bass earthquakes throughout the house. Ultimately, I have to kill the music and set audio to mute everything else in the chat mixer, which allows me to hear everyone’s every chew, fart, and inhale/exhale perfectly but is equally jarring in denying all that game-generated visual stimulus with any reactive sound at all.

Chariots of Fire are not meant to be ensconced in cones of silence; I’d really like to be able to further parse and adjust the audio settings in the Xbox One X as well as the game settings.

Please post here: Forza Horizon 4 Features Wishlists

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