Even lower payouts?

As if they weren’t low enough at 12k average per 8 minute race with a win… now I’m only getting 10k per 8 minute race with a win? What the Hell?!

The payout for each track is different per lap. These payouts have not changed (at least for the tracks I run on a regular basis). The number of turns the track has helps determine the payout as does the number of opponents.

Here is a link you might want to check out:

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Payout varies with distance raced.

Pick up some 30k mod crates. You usually get a lot of good mods that will increase your credit payout substantially when combined together.

It is easy to make credits. 30K crate is best value. Stack the mod cards that pay the most. I have been doing free play for the Forzathon challenges. I set 10 lap races and if you work it out right you can nail two or more challenges with one race. I had one Forzathon for win race in Vintage sport car or something like that and another that required me to go 100 at Mugello. Nailed both with 1 10 lap race with 23 ai opponents and made a bunch of credits I think I used three +100% cards and then you add vip bonus etc. Did the same with a nigh race and something with Yas. I don’t remember what it was. I usually build up 1 million in a session depending what I am doing. Now all that is offline racing. Online is a different matter and your milage may vary but the online races are usually the lowest paying events but then I use online races to race against people and offline events to build up the bank account.

I feel like 20000 mod crates have been watered down (less 50%, more <40%/single use ones that i sell immediately so increase lately has been blatant) so if this is true across the board it would cause worse payouts.

I remember people complaining about mods when the game came out. “No assists doesn’t give bonus!!!”

Bonus from “No Rewind” card is 70% at the worst (purple ones), three uses. In Horizon 3 you get 15% extra for it (if that, could be less). But the old system is “better”.

The game is biased towards longer races this time and this is not a bad thing.


Personally I feel that having a bonus for turning off the assist would encourage people to get better and turn of the assist. I don’t know how much of a difference it made, But the extra bonus was one of the things that helped encourage me to start using Manual With Clutch.