European Truck Championship [Sundays at 8:00 UK time/3:00 Eastern]

The Usual Suspects are hosting our first ever FIA ETRC (European Truck Racing Championship)! All skill levels are welcome as long as you are clean, fair, and sportsmanlike!

Start date: 24th July 2016 - Then weekly every Sunday until the conclusion of the championship. Races will be at 8:00 pm UK/3:00 pm EST.

Basic rules:
A warmup, and two flying laps will be given. Clean laps will be placed in front of dirty ones. It’s advised that drivers space themselves out to prevent distraction.

Start procedure:
Following a short regroup, drivers will load into the next race. There will be 1 formation lap, where drivers are expected to align themselves in their qualifying position and grid up carefully at the start line. Once the final driver has arrived in his grid position, the pole sitter will call out a time in which the race will begin.

The race will last approximately 30/45 minutes. All drivers are required to pit once in the race. You cannot pit on lap 1, and you cannot pit on the last lap of the race.
Keep contact to a minimum. Any incidents that require attention will be reviewed after the race on the replay.
Trucks being lapped are expected to not interfere with the leaders. Remember, if there is a race going on, and you aren’t part of it, stay out of it! It is our goal for everyone to have a fun and fair experience.

Maximum of 2 Trucks per team (Team Names & Drivers should be specified so that we can count you guys in the championship.

It is recommended that all drivers have a distinct livery so that they can be distinguished easilly in the field. The livery should include your number and somewhere contain the team url ( Also, teams should have one livery for both drivers, although it can have a few distinguishable details for each driver.

•Stock build
•Force Stock Upgrades/Tuning

Lobby settings:
•Fuel/Tyre Wear
•Braking Line Allowed
•TCS Allowed
•ABS Allowed
•STM Allowed

•Brands Hatch GP (Dry)
•Catalunya GP (Dry)
•Silverstone GP
•Nurburgring GP(Night)
•Monza GP (Dry)
•Brands Hatch (Wet)

Points Structure
1st - 30pts
2nd - 25pts
3rd - 22pts
4th - 20pts
5th - 18pts
6th - 16pts
7th - 14pts
8th - 13pts
9th - 12pts
10th - 11pts
11th - 10pts
12th - 9pts
13th - 8pts
14th - 7pts
15th - 6pts
16th - 5pts
17th - 4pts
18th - 3pts
19th - 2pts
20th - 1pt

Entries will be accepted both here and on Please include your gamertag, Prefered number, and team name if applicable in your post. Entries will also be accepted via Xbox Live messages to both myself and TUS KAMIKAZE

If you have any questions, you can pm me here or shoot me a message on Xbox/Twitter (

Entry List
TUS ForceOne #1
V4Vendetta83 #09
Julian #10
CrackedRug64 #12
KSI G0nick #13
TUS Pigeon #24p
LER Maze #24
TheMattylce #33
TUS Jon #31
TUS Omerta #42
Snubbz #46
cafcvfr #65
PsychoRonin #69
LER VisionThing #83
Couch Reaper #92
Maynard093 #93
A12GTR1213 #96
TUS DarkStig #130
Shanog88 #132
TUS Chunky #162
Puppetmaster343 #343
Select Veeps #768
ColdestGinger #775
Mesasphere #?

TUS DarkStig
Race no. 130

I am interested. Will try and do up a livery tonight.

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A few more entries
A12GTR1213 #96
TUS ForceOne #1

  • Team: Audi Sport North America

TheMattylce #33

  • Team: BMW Performance NA

CrackedRug64 #12

KSI g0nick #13

TEAM: KSI RaceKing

TUS omerta #42

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I’m up for that


I’m up for it! I’ll have to be a privateer though

Gamertag: cafcvfr

Race number: #65

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Maynard093 #93

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Is 343 OK to use?

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Unfortunately due to the response here and on our forums, any further entries will place you on a provisional entry list. If any of the listed drivers cannot make the race you will receive an invite on a first come first serve basis. Thanks again to all entries, let’s get racing!

It was a fantastic day of racing today! Anyone interested in viewing the results/standings can use our new championship spreadsheet .

In addition the next race will feature a new two heat format, which will include a lap count that takes us to the end of the fuel run. As tyres wear, we found that the racing was spectacular as drivers fought for grip and the upper hand over their competitors. We feel this will make a huge improvement to an already successful series!

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The Points and results have been updated after a trying round 2 in the Usual Suspects European Truck Racing Championship.

We are listening to feedback from the drivers, and have officially decided to return to a 1 race (35-45 minutes) format with no reverse grid. It was unanimously decided that the faster and more experienced drivers need to be able to control the start for a safe and reasonable race.

In addition, rolling starts will now occur officially at 45 miles per hour (72.5 KPH) and will be double wide on all tracks. Concurrently, the leader is to accelerate at the start/finish line and all drivers behind must remain in their lanes between the delineation lines until after the starting line. No overtaking or pulling out of the ‘trains’ are to occur until after the start/finish line.

The lobby will be capped at 16 drivers, official entries first, friends afterwards.

Finally KSI G0nick will be docked 5 championship points for causing a collision on the formation lap prior to the start of race 2.

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