ETCC | Audi S1 Cup | Saturdays at 10pm UK

Audi S1 Cup

Hello everyone !

We’re the ETCC, your cosy racing community. You may know us from games like Forza Motorsport 2, Forza Motorsport 3, Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Motorsport 5, Race Pro or Project Cars. On October 3rd, we’re starting our first Forza Motorsport 6 side series featuring the Audi S1. Since no one likes long texts, here some bullet points:

  • Audi S1 with a P1 of B512 well suited for beginners and lovers of low class cars & close races.
  • Allowed assists are Suggested line, Automatic transmission & ABS
  • Series is six weeks long, featuring races on dry & wet tracks at day & night.
  • Three sessions per week: One 5-lap “Ghost race” hot lap challenge and two “proper races” of 10 & 15 laps.
  • The series takes place on Saturdays at 10pm UK | 23:00 CET | 5pm East | 2pm Pacific

For a more detailed look at the series you can check out the rules & regulations right here. Prior to the start of the series, we’ll have a preview event on Saturday, September 26th at the time detailed above…and everyone’s cordially invited !

Interested ? Please read this for informationon how to join us and have some cosy races with nice company in your favourite game !

Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Your friendly ETCC ModSquad.

Saturday’s test session went really well, lap times were mostly within a second across the field. Should be an interesting series !
For your viewing pleasure, here are some shots of the action:









The series starts next Saturday, October 3rd at 10pm UK, 23:00 CET, 5pm EAST, 2PM Pacific. Still plenty of that precious lobby space left to join if you think you might enjoy it !

Great pictures!

I took the car out for a spin with a group of the lads last night, it’s awesome! This promises to be a brilliant series, I’m really looking forward to the start of this one.

Lights out on the first round of the Audi S1 Cup is tonight @ 10pm UK!

It’s not too late to get in on the action though… Don’t delay, don’t think “I’ll do it in a bit” and don’t be shy!
It promises to be brilliant after the test session last week saw some seriously close action in cars that are great to drive.

If the Audis aren’t enough, there’s also the start of our Group 5 World Championship to look forward to. This Sunday night is the first test session. The actually championship is due to start the following week.

Or maybe you want to race midweek, or at a time more suitable to the American timezones? We have you covered there too!
We have two other series launching soon, one Tuesdays @ 9pm UK and the other Wednesdays @ 8pm Central.

That’s a lot of racing to look forward to in our cosy community. Come and join in the fun!

Get over to the ETCC now and start your cosy racing career!