Error in opening Forza horizon 4

Hello there,

I wanted to move fh4 to my other drive, cause i was running out of space on my SSD.
I went for 15 minutes away from my PC, once i came back I saw a message from the Apps & Features saying that Forza horizon 4 could not be moved (or something like, Forza horizon 4 was not moved successfully) so i started the game, and it was too slow, and a little bit buggy, (i checked the C and D drive free spaces) and turns out that 87GB were added to the D drive and removed from C drive, so I tried moving it back again to D drive, even though it was there (but not on Apps & Features) after that everything related to FH4 got stuck, i couldn’t open the game at all, so i went to Advanced options and did a “Reset” to the game.
After the reset was done, I tried opening the game, it didn’t work, and it opened up Downloads and Updates on the Windows Store. And still 87GB are taken on the D drive, but i think the PC still thinks that the game is on C, I don’t want to mess anything up, cause i won’t be able to re-download the whole game, since I’m running out of data usage very quickly those months, and i won’t be able to download it. Do you know how can i relocate the game or do anything to fix this issue without having to re-download it?

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: I tried installing the game again from Microsoft Store on the same drive where it is located, it downloads 44mb and then says Error “Give us few minutes… Something went wrong on our end. Wait a bit, then try it again. Code: 0x80073CF1” I actually waited an hour, but still same problem.

Anyone? is there a possible fix?

Maybe you can adopt this to your situation :

I actually thought of doing this, and when i actually saw this reply from my phone, i turned on my PC and found out that the game got uninstalled by itself.
My router literally broke, and Im using a very old one which doesn’t support more than 2mb/s plus i have a limited data plan, so i guess i’ll just download it next month…
And i can’t get a new router because the city is in a lock-down, and all electronic shops are closed.

You might find it useful to use a 3rd party utility like TreeSize Free, which will enable you to view the folders and folder sizes of hidden / locked folders, and delete them manually if you need to. By default Windows won’t let you delete them but this app allows you to. Obviously this is for power users and not for use if you aren’t confident of what you’re doing.

It sounds like the Windows Store has got confused about quite what is what, so deleting the folders manually and trying to install the game again after that, might work.

Yep that was it, Windows Store got confused about it’s location or whatever and deleted the game for me… but that’s what WS is good at. Confusing things.

The problem likely has something to do with the Windows / Microsoft Store, like FullNietzsche said. The MS store (and Windows itself in 10) has certain directories (generally hidden - Program Files\WindowsApps, %localappdata%, etc) and it tends to get very confused if you move stuff. You can move things and even change the drive for these default folders (like if you had your OS on a SSD and it was running low on space) with some Registry work, but don’t. Only pain and suffering lie down that path. When you fight the Microsoft Store the most you can ever hope for is a Pyrrhic victory.

Try to run wsreset.exe (win key + r) or go to Add / Remove programs and run the App troubleshooter there. You might have some luck there. However, your best bet is to completely remove the game, reboot, and then reinstall the game. I know that isn’t ideal (and in 2020 is a bit silly), but it will probably end up being the quickest solution when things are all said and done.

That’s true, that’s why i try not to deal with Microsoft Store as much as i can, but FH4 is only available on it, so yea… Plus re-installing it would be next month i guess, since this month’s GBs are almost about to finish.
They really should create a simple way, to let you back up and restore your games easily or even copy backups just like Steam.