Error Code E:1045.0 - Invalid Profile (PC)

When i start the game and press the “Start Game” button it says Invalid Profile. Error Code E:1045.0

I am in Germany, so i started the game right now. But i cant do nothing after the message and i need to kill the game via Ctrl + Alt +Del.

Any help please.


I tried so much now. Deactivated Internet, reset FH5, every time the same error. Forza Horizon 4 starts and works fine without any problems. FH5 show “Welcome Droplexx” and when i press Start, this error message appears. Same message on barrier accessibility.
I just dont understand the problem the game has.

Why i just cant start a new Profile?
I also have to kill the game in taskmanager every time than. No quit option.


i unfortunately have the same problem, tried the known invalid profile fixes from FH4 but nothing helped.

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Thanks for the replay. So i am not alone with this error.
But i really dont understand the problem. Its a new game, there cant be a “old” profile trying to load.

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i had a profile for example, but moved the game to a different SSD because the game didnt want to load after pressing to start the game. after i moved the game i pressed on “reset” in the advanced options under “Apps”. After that it started showing me the invalid profile error. trying to completely reinstall the game but it takes over 2 hours. still dont understand why we are not allowed to simply start a new profile…

I am in the game now. I just restartet my PC.


i tried restarting it myself but it still didnt work :frowning:

Did you reset FH5 and maybe repair it in the Apps and Programs section in Windows 10?

I encounted this issue this morning. For me I had to go to advanced options for forza horizon 5 in settings/apps and select reset. Then disconnect the network from the pc and open the game. Once game started and in the prologue I could re connect my network, exit the game, reload it and was able to select cloud save to restore my progress.

May work for someone else with the same issue

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same problem here. It happened when i reset my FH5 app in the app menu… ill try restarting


ps - syncing designs takes hella long. usually 20-30min. do it over a break or something

Same. I am getting Forza Horizon 5 Invalid Profile Error Code E:1045-0 when I try to load FH5 on PC and Xbox Series X. I have tried all the methods in this link with no success.

I’m getting the same error as well. I tried restarting the game, but I got the same error. I had the game pre-installed, tried hopping in as it went live, but it wouldn’t even launch the first mission. So I decided to uninstall and reinstall the game and that’s when I got hit with the Invalid Profile error. I’m going to try installing on my Series X and see if I can at least play there.

ok i figured it out but hard to expalin, my phone gave me an app access thing that sent me to account and then i clicked edit on the game and removed the permisssions from the game and i loaded in fresh.

Can you explain this a little bit more pls?


My game kept crashing earlier so i tried following their guide and reset the app. Now, i get this error saying my profile is no longer available.


Can’t seem to figure out how to get it to work now?

Managed to fix this, still crashing on cut scenes :confused:

How did you manage to get it fixed? I’m still having invalid profile after 2 reinstalls.

I had the E-1047 error which is also an invalid profile, after talking to support all i needed to do was restart my pc and reset my router, fixed it for me.

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When I started playing Forza horizon 5 after the prologue my game started continuously crashing so I deleted the game game and re-installed the game from Microsoft Store but after that it started showing me invalid profile message continuously…WHAT TO DO PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT