Epicnata's Forzatography 3

Edition 3

This edition i chose the Ford GT from 2017 taking pretty much everywhere, having to upgrade it to an AWD so i got control over its immense power (and it still handles very well). like always i hope you enjoy these pictures and put in the reply section any car/s you’d like to see next. (also any constructive criticism you may have about how i present these or just on the images themselves do let me know)

Nice shots, this one is great:

I do have a suggestion; edit one of your current editions of your gallery into one main gallery. That way, everyone can see your photos in one place.

yeah i keep everything in my main gallery but i take so many pictures it gets full quickly.

NV’s choice is also my fav.
If you save/share your photos on a site like Flickr, you don’t have to worry about losing them from your gallery. Also, I think he meant that you could update this thread/gallery, rather than create a new one each time you want to share.
Hope some of that made sense :slight_smile: