Epic Mountain Pass, drift/touge/cruise

This is the type of race that needs to be in the game, NO DIRT, only asphalt.
Me and a couple friends made an awesome drift/race loop while freeroamin and need to share it to the world. We haven’t named it yet but it gives off a Fujimi Kaido feel in certain parts and has plenty of turns to pass.
The point to point race is comprised of sharp turns, elevation changes and wide bends. Once you run it a couple times, you will learn quickly how the course works.
I’m working on getting a video up but don’t know how to record a clip that long.
It’s approx. 6 miles
Drift Time: 5.5 minutes
Race Time: 4.5 minutes
If you see this t10, this is t
If you want in on this treat of a track and think you can be a threat to our lap times, add and message me for an invite.
I’m on alot so just add meh if your mature-ish and wanna play horizon.
GT: King Rollins IV

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Just uploaded a video showcasing it!