Enough is Enough

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Nice photos, and they reproduce well here, too.

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gonna take a little getting used to things round here… but so far so good! and thanks. im not ever gonna claim to be a photog so if i can take pictures that people dont just hate…im good lol

nice stuff chad
I agree it will take a bit of getting used to but I like it here.

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Great shot


Nice cars here mate. Fantasy painting just bewilders me, its insane! Great job.

thank you!

alot of really good painters now it seems. always fun to watch what others come up with

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Nice to see paints showing up swiftly lol, love that yoda!!

i had all these epic plans for this car…but im so over it!!! lol i may go back and do something more involved later…but for now a few logos to add and then , NEXT


I think its fine MiMiC, sometimes less is more.
Oh and btw, I agree with Diesel Blows, that is a nice shot with batman in prague.


I want to do some laps with yoda!!

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It might not be what you had originally set out for, but it’s still one hell of a design; I can’t wait to pick one up!

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Still lookin good!

Who are you? :slight_smile:

Yoda is all done so go grab yourself one! Pretty happy with it. Will post pics tomorrow morning


LOL, Dagobah Customs. Nice touch. Love your designs, thanks a lot. And thanks for keeping them affordable, I buy a new car for every new livery.

Thanks mimic, toYoda came out awesome!!!

Would love to comment on all the designs but as yet cannot view any photos that people put up on these forums using my tablet, will have to wait until later when I get on the game to see the finished product but it was looking good last time I saw it

Love the Yoda! I don’t have any career races I could use it in, so I have actually gotten sidetracked and started doing the rivals events (which I NEVER do, lol) Thanks Mimic!

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so here is the finished ToYODA. a few pics to show it off and a few with me attempting to be a photog.
and of course its tuned and painted for the Parsec 2000. one of the most prestige underground races in all the universe!!!
Dagobah Customs " there is no try
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why I gotta be tier 1? lol
just realized i should not paint late at night…Dagobah is De not Da on the car. oops!!! my bad ill change it when i get home so those who grab it before then… will have a rare misprint edition… lol hey, it makes baseball cards more expensive