Engine swaps...

The biggest joke in my eyes. In forza horizon 2 and forza 6 we had many different engine swaps for different models. Also manufactor specific engines shared along the model range. And now … all i see is the 6.2l v8. For all models ive tried. Why didnt they just copy and paste them from previous forza titles and just added some more. Now its a joke :frowning:

They have gone a bit overboard with being able to put an Aventador engine in a ford super deluxe. I liked FH1’s way where it was relative to the manufacturer for example an Aston One 77 engine in a vanquish or something, F10 M5 engine in the m3 etc. Most of the time i see the 6.2 or 6.5L option.

I’ve noticed a lack of 5.7L motors though. Found that pretty interesting.

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And no more Big Block 7.0!!

Why do they do this, if you cant improve a feature just leave it as don’t make it worse

Much preferred the manufacturer specific swaps. F10 m5 in the 2002 turbo was incredible. Fitting a lambo or chevy engine just doesn’t feel right


I made a thread about this yesterday but since my account is “under moderation” it didn’t get posted immediately, and now, I don’t see it at all. I agree, however. There should be many more options to choose from, including forced induction options.

what’s messed-up is it can not swap out my Pontiac 400 in my 1977 TransAm with the SD 455 in the 1973 TransAm… in real life all that is needed is a change in motor mounts… nothing else is really need it

There are at least two 6.2 litre V8 engines available for swaps, which could be why some think that’s all there is.

One is the C63 Black engine.

The other is the Chevy SS LS3 motor.

Check the power outputs and it will be apparent which is which (500hp vs 400hp).

The LS3 has displaced the old 5.7

A lot of people wanted cross-manufacturer swaps, which it’s easy to see the appeal of. Unfortunately, when that happened, we saw a general reduction in both engine swaps per car and the number of engines available for swapping across the board. Possible solution: Make any engine in the game available for any car. It could certainly cause problems too, but at least it would dramatically expand the options of the player. Even so, I consider this game’s options to be somewhat of an improvement over the previous two games, at least thus far. The addition of the 8.4 V10 is something I certainly wished for in the past.

Yep very boring. The same V8 in all the cars, would’ve been better if they just used the old engines.

I’ve seen the following V8s available for swapping:

6.2 litre LS3
6.2 litre AMG C63
5.8 litre DSC Shelby GT500
4.5 litre Ferrari 458
3.0 litre Ariel Atom

It seems there is a little bit of the manufacturer appropriate swaps coming back in.

The 458 motor I have only seen in FIAT group offerings, which is appropriate.

The Ford 5.8 as well I think is mainly in Ford group cars.

We now have two V10s as well.

I’ve seen the flat 6 from the SVX as an option in the BRZ.

I don’t generally do engine swaps apart from my overall favourite cars to just mess around in; normally just one road car and one off-road car. Mostly because it just seemed to make every car the same in Horizon 2, and in Horizon 1 it basically gave a lower tier car the performance of it’s more expensive counterpart.

For Horizon 3 I’ll probably do a swap if there is one on the Ariel Nomad just to give it as much power as possible as I love the car and will likely use it for most of my messing around time (and Danger Signs).