Engine swaps makes hyper cars useless!!

Hy first of all i have to apologize my bad english.

I think it makes no sense to put a v12 lambo engine in an freaking camaro or Toyota!
My Agera with over 1400hp loses against a Old Camaro with engine swap.

So wheres the point buying expensive cars like agera or bugatti when every freaking car is able to swap an lambo engine in with over 1500hp!!!

This makes no sense for me and its destroying my fun at this game. Even my 1993 Mclaren F1 loses against a engine swapped Subaru BRZ, and my McLaren produces over 900hp!!
[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] No need to buy fast and expensive cars.

Buy the Dode Dart Hemi swap the V12 engine and you have a Car thats faster than a freaking Bugatti,Koenigsegg,Ferrari,Pagani


That’s kinda true unfortunately.
In this game you can V12 swap so many cars it becomes annoying …

Yea they went too overboard with it. Prefer FH1’s way where it was exclusive to the manufacturer.


It’s more than just engine swaps, and I’ve been stewing a little bit so I feel a rant coming on.

Another problem is that aerodynamics isn’t modeled right so if you put 1500 hp in any car, it does more than 260 mph. That isn’t right. Getting to 200 mph is possible in a lot of cars if you have enough horsepower, but getting from 200mph to 260mph and above is a different story. A lot of these cars that you can swap in a V12 and get that much horsepower would turn into airplanes at some of these speeds, like the old youtube video of an RX-7 doing 215ish at the salt flats. At the very least, these cars shouldn’t accelerate the same as hyper cars when they get up into serious speeds.

This is where the game gets arcade-y, and while I really like the game and a lot of things in it, how the upgraded cars perform and how inaccurate some of the stock cars are … those are my major gripes.

An old Jag race car should not be able to 300 mph. So much air can get under that car … it would be airborne way before 300 mph.

At the top of S1 class are hyper cars with 800-900 horsepower, but you can get some cars that start in a lower class over 1000 hp, like the WRX. That part is OK. What isn’t OK is that at super high speeds, these non-exotic cars are able to take high speed turns as if they were hypercars. No tire in existence is going to make a Suburu handle 150+ mph turns like a Ferrari Enzo. The game doesn’t model this right. It’s almost like aerodynamics are completely ignored and the only thing that matters is the handling rating … and the only thing that effects the handling rating are weight and tires. Pulling well over a G in a 150 mph turn is about more than weight and tires, people. With the performance possible at the top of S1 class, the leaderboards should NEVER be dominated by rally cars.

Then I looked at a leaderboard for a lower speed circuit in A class. It probably should be dominated by rally cars, but the entire front page was Jeeps and other trucks. WHAT? That’s just beyond stupid. Who knew that a WWII Jeep had a better chassis for road handling than almost anything on the road under 600 hp? All it needed was tires. Stop it. Ridiculous.

I look at the stock handling rating on cars and trucks and notice that a Caddy Escalade has a 6.1 handling rating, if I remember right. A '99 Mitsubishi Evo is given a 6.2 handling rating. I don’t know if anybody else has driven these two cars in the real world, but let’s just say that an Escalade handles nothing like an Evo. That shouldn’t even need to be said. One is a near 6000 pound truck with a center of gravity near crotch high, and the other is a rally car. In terms of upgraded trucks, I saw a Hummer near the top of a S2 leaderboard on a course that was more than half pavement. So I got in a Veneno and raced it. The whole first part of the race was on a street, and I ripped through it in a Veneno, as I tend to do. The problem was that my rear view mirror was full of Hummer the whole way. Are you kidding me? A Hummer hanging with a 1000+hp Veneno with a handling rating of 9.0? Insert mod edit for language right here.

Now, I really like how offroading has changed since Horizon 2. In FH2, just about any car could go offroad with no problem. In FH3, hypercars are terrible offroad and trucks are great, so there’s no reason to ‘level the playing field’. If they were to model trucks right, they should never compete on a street with some of these cars, but they shouldn’t need to because there are plenty of offroad courses suited to them.

And then there’s the Tesla … with a 6.9 handling rating. C’mon man. That’s ridiculous.

S1 and A class should be great classes, but because of stuff that makes me question some of the makers ‘car guy’ credentials, the leaderboards are going to be full of rally cars in S1, and full of trucks in A. That’s just not right. I still love the game but stuff like this uglies it up a lot.


Perfect. Thank You. I am having a real bear wrapping my noodle around a C Class car with over 1000 HP. It shouldn’t be possible.

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+1 fully agree, the layout of the races generally doesn’t help as well i noticed in A and S class recently when i had my cars tuned for grip (~280 and ~400KW for either class) and they were competative generally a bit down on power comparively but they made up so much on the corners that it was fine.

last week ish i noticed instead of fighting for 1st-3rd with these cars i was fighting for 2nd to last, everybody seems to have noticed cornering doesn’t really matter when you have 1000hp and 4wd. hold nothing against 4wd infact of the 140 cars i got so far probably half are 4wd but it’s just getting silly almost everybody i see just crams in a 4wd system slaps in power and they’re good to compete all over the track but with enough power and weight that isn’t a problem :frowning:

hope FM7 wont have this issue : /

It was most amusing in the Forzathon requirement to win a car meet drag race, that the way to do it was to go in a lower class with a car that could go just as fast. In one of mine there was a C class Mercury that won by a huge margin - they kind of need to remove the staggering lol. Not a fan of the mess they’ve made of classes here.


Strange. I was in some online racing last night in S2 which was dominated by my Centenario and a Huayra BC and yes we were up against some massive HP contraptions.

Sure you can add heaps of HP in this game to anything but you still gotta get it around the track.

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I’ve got an LT1 swapped and blown 40 Ford Deluxe with over 900 horsepower and it’s still in D Class. It is incapable of traveling in a straight line without lots of corrections (boaty is the way to describe it) but it’ll do 160 in D Class which way outpaces any handling build so badly it’s funny. It shouldn’t be possible but unfortunately that’s the way it goes.

You can get the HP up there but it still has to be able to turn.

It’s not like the people making S1 Impreza builds are using stock chassis parts or haven’t had to race-tune it to make it usable. Stuff like how many G’s the car can handle, if you haven’t noticed, is actually handled in the tuning section and it takes a great racing build to have that work.

Nothing about this makes hypercars useless as 1500 HP and no work into handling makes these cars impossible to use for circuit unless some smart guy makes a really great tune that everyone downloads.

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That depends on the circuit. I put a V12 and a lot of handling and drivetrain upgrades into an AMC Rebel. I fattened the tires to max, but left the stock compound. It stayed in C class. I tweaked it to C600, and tuned it as best as I could. The tires feel like they’re made of soap at high speeds, but that doesn’t much matter on Goliath. The long straights in this course let me build such a huge lead on the C-class classic-muscle cars the AI was using, that I could slow way down for turns without ever seeing one of them.

Changing the tire compound to Sport and dropping 52 lbs of wheel weight with a Cragar swap jumps me 2 classes in this car, to A800. It’s actually a sweet machine there, if totally improbable IRL.

If you think about it, this explains completely the problem with drag racing. All that matters there is straight-line performance. The (hopefully) balanced PI number should not even enter into the determination of brackets. Only time elapsed to complete the length of the airstrip track should count, as in a real drag race.

Upgrading cars can get silly and will ruin leaderboards.

Already has.

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I know some will disagree but for me “a change is as good as a holiday”

With the cars in this game already becoming automotive abortions I can’t wait to see the crazy they’re gonna have to put in DLC to just to top themselves. lol
A police car with working lights is one thing, but there was a guy lived on my street as a kid and he built a milk-float with a V8 bolted into the rear deck. Could wheelspin for hours just not really go anywhere. Then my dad took our old minibus and ripped out the 1.9 diesel and put a 3L V6 in there. All of a sudden half the street was modding there cars and I imagine that will be similar to one of the DLC’s at this rate.
Next Horizon game we’ll be able to do cut and shut jobs. Want a lamborghini AND a Ferrari? No problem, build yourself a Lamborari zondagera! lol

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I cant believe you are actually against more choice.
If the reason why you buy a Ferrari is because it’s unbeatable maybe you should re-evaluate your taste in cars.

It’s not the badge that makes a car but the components.



Crazy Swerve was right. I predicted this thread would appear a few days ago. And…it…has!

There’s already a thread about this topic. The swaps aren’t the problem. It’s the PI effect. As result S1 and below are virtually ruined for most layouts. If you’re getting beat in S2 by these cars in anything other than drag…drive better?

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Quoted for truth.

The swaps are nothing new (well some combinations are but we have had V12s placed in old car dominating leaderboards and races before yes?), It is indeed, the PI ratings that are out of whack and causing obvious imbalances in cars with the same PI.

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I’m fine with the engine swaps. I miss the old way it used to work, but at the same time the new way has some good qualities to it.

Back on the 360 the engine swaps were all manufacturer based. Chrysler had the 550 and the Viper V10, their REAL engines called out specifically that could be put in their cars. Mazda had the Furai engine for the MX5. Now, despite what people may call them (Insert Chevy LS and number) you get basic V8, V12, Rally 4 Turbo. While the numbers may line up to a specific engine it still doesn’t feel as authentic. The flipside is though you can put a V8 in an MX5, or a V12 in a Camaro, despite those manufacturers not making their own engine of that type.

Mopar 540 not 550. Not trying to be rude or anything lol. They took the manufacture names away cause they get by with a whole lot more like they are now where we can put a ls in a mazda and stuff like that. If they kept to using the actual names and from which car than there would be no mazda with an ls or mustang with an ls and more.