Engine swap ethics

So, I’ve just (re-)started playing Forza Horizon 2 on the 360 and I have been enjoying it very much so far. The past I enjoy most is driving around from one event to another, never fast traveling. While doing this,I prefer vintage and old cars or barn finds to transport, so as a result I ended up wanting to engine swap, as many old cars are eligible. I really enjoy myself driving my Miura with an Aventador engine or my M1 Bimmer with the breast M5 engine after upgrading handling as well, but I feel a bit guilty.

Guilty about having changed such an important part of a legend, almost making it lose its identity. This is the same thing I feel after every engine swap so I drive and feel two things. Joy and guilt… However, there are some swaps I just cannot live with, such as the Bmw 2002 one… You see, my grandfather had one of these and feel like I am stealing from a church whenever I engine swap on this machine.

Also, there are some upgrades that cause me the same feeling such as the Merc 190E.

Tell me your opinion and your experiences about this theme. :slight_smile:

My cruising, pleasure cars are all about comfort, feel, ease of driving, and the look and pleasure of driving them down the open road with a bunch of friends at more legal speeds.

Cars that are made for racing get done to them whatever it takes to achieve the fastest time in whatever class they are in.

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Okay but what if the pleasure cars, as you say, are comfortable even with an engine swap and what if the pleasure in driving them increases?

I don’t typically swap motors in my cruising cars. Especially since the older cars do have such amazing motors that even today work well. What they lack is the modern brakes and suspension systems that have improved and so I focus on that. Making an older vehicle slightly more modern for driving pleasure - I want to drive the car and enjoy it, not fight it at every corner.

Often times, even for race cars I will attempt to use the stock motor. Engine swapping restricts you to certain classes - fro example, the Miura can be put into any class up to S1 on the stock motor, but the moment you swap in the V12 it’s halfway through S1 already. You may not need a lot of engine upgrades then, but you can’t have it in B or A class.

Sometimes though, engine swaps can take a car that would otherwise be bland or boring and turn it into something much more fun - for example, my supercharged LS-swapped Ford Transit van is such a goofy car but it’s so much fun to drive and it’s a force to reckon with in S1. People underestimate it because it’s a van but it out drags Lamborghinis, Vipers, Corvettes all day long…

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This is a personal preference thing. Sure, it’s a racing game, so in theory, you should be building the absolute fastest cars you can for Single Player, as well as a few of each Class car for Online Road Trips. For me, being able to stuff an LS3 or LT1 into anything not Chevy is pretty cool! Do engine swaps always help the car? Not always, especially in the older cars where the handling attributes cannot be upgraded to match all the added HP. Thus you end up with a one way rocket LOL.

To boot, some of the original sounds in the older cars are too cool to be swapping in. So I do and I don’t swap engines. The old Ferraris sound killer. I pretty much only run around in cars pre 1986 on this game anymore because that’s me. The sound of the Dodge Dart with a Cam in it…sweet music.

Yeah, you 're right. The only swaps I really love are the M3 e30 with the M5 F10 engine (although I miss the sound) and the M1 (the Ferrari-like Bmw), although again missing the old sound but they are too pleasurable to drive that I just orgasm!!! So good! I came to the decision to have two of each swapped-engine cars. One stock and one modified for racing.

P.S. My Miura feels way better stock :smiley:

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Yeah,I reckon you are right. It’s all about pressure after all.I have reverted all my swaps except for the M3 E30 and I enjoy the game more by upgrading handling. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I will only think of swapping only in c class and down. Cheers

Sometimes a car needs the swap. You’ll feel it though - the Chevelle for example. I dislike the 7.5L that comes in it but swap it out for that 6.2L and you’re in a whole new world… magic carpet and all.

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Took out the 454? Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasphemor!

Does make a completely different car too. I left the Impala’s block alone because I needed it to hit B class. Messing with the Alfa33 last night and the engine swap for me didn’t occur until I hit S2. Able to use stock block with decent numbers and also good sound. That’s the ONE car that scares the heck outta me in the game. At X Class, other than the dragstrip, it feels like it’s gonna take off.

Yes. It’s big, it’s heavy, it weighs down the front of the car too much and causes massive understeer issues for tight circuit tracks like you find around Nice, and worst of all, it has an awkward power delivery that cannot be worked around with a tranny upgrade and the limits of the tuning challenge I was building the car for.

Swapping in the 6.2 liter solves many issues. Power goes up and creates an easier curve to work with. Torque actually goes down but it changes the character of the car so much and I believe that it becomes much more manageable with slightly less torque. It drops an additional 330 pounds (or something close to that) from the vehicle weight and this is all coming out of the front end - with no other tuning changes this along made the car instantly stop understeering as bad.

It also allows yo to put on the race transmission without gaining a single PI point which means weight drops slightly, you get adjustable gears so you can fine tune the first couple for optimal power delivery for the particular challenge, and it lets you tweak it so that you can run the whole course and only have to brake twice. — You’ll notice running the challenge that Joe only brakes twice, one really hard and shaves tons of speed, and the other time he only taps the brakes to shift weight balance and get the car to rotate - other than that there is zero braking and all this in A class on a circuit in Nice. :slight_smile:

Blasphemous? Maybe - as Blasphemous as putting a Chevy crate into a Ford car - at least I’m staying within the same manufacturer, right?


Thanks for the information on the PI changes. Now I am going home to swap the Modern Block into the Heavy Chevy. I have a picture of said Chevy hanging above me where I sit! I also own a '66 Chevelle SS 396. Love it!