Engine skipping

I recently worked my way up to the rolling roads tour and started that with a lamborghini. About halfway through the first race I noticed my engine started skipping, almost as if it was low on gas. I kept going and thought nothing of it. It did it again in the second race so I switched cars to a ferrari and got the same thing. Whats causing this? Not really sure if this is a problem or intended but I want to know for sure. Thanks in advance

Simulation damage?

You have assists on. It sounds like the game is limiting your power due to turns coming up.

Go into assists before a race and make sure ALL are off.

i dont think it’s the assists. I ride with everything off and AI difficulty at max. Like i said above, it doesnt happen the first couple laps. Usually starts around the end of lap 2 beginning of lap three. I manual shift and use a heavy blip when downshifting for turns. Maybe this is damaging the motor??

Just pinpointed your issue - tranny/engine damage. Forza’s man/w clutch does not precisely work as it should. You’ll still hear gears grinding or the engine bouncing off the limiter despite trying your best to clean-shift.

Your solution: use normal manual and your troubles will dissipate!

To double check once this engine skipping starts you can pull up telemetry and go towards the last or second last sub-menu where you can see damage to your car.

Yeah, check the telemetry when it’s happening (I think you hold down on the d-pad to bring it up or you can just view it on the replay). On the last screen, it shows damage and tire wear.

I mostly run with no assists on but I have noticed that when I turn on the traction control for some S-Class and the higher classes because I have a heavy right finger it sound like the engine has a miss and lacks power. I am thinking it cuts the engine power to eliminate the loss of traction. Was your traction control on by chance?

thanks for the help everyone. I’ll give it a try and report back.

I just STARTED to have this problem after playing probably 20 hours total. Did you figure out a solution that works for you?

SOLVED: Somehow ‘assisted braking’ had been enabled in the assists menu. Once I disabled this, all was well again. Amazing how badly this was implemented, it reminded me of the few times I ran out of gas in real life, just lap after lap, track after track, car after car.


Your engine/tranny are getting damaged bro, due to the mis-shifts. It ain’t you, it’s a shifting glitch when using man w/clutch on a controller. Has been there since FM3 or 4 I believe. (you can hear the revs bouncing off the limiter in replays even though you were shifting clean in the race)