Endurance racing discord

Hi all, I created an endurance racing discord for more serious clean racers. Feel free to join and race with like minded players.

Discord Channel: Discord

We will be following the basic rules for clean racing as follows:

  1. Responsibility (If you are behind a driver it is your job to pass safely, if a collision happens you will be found at fault (yes there are exceptions this is a general rule))
    It is the responsibility of the driver that is trying to overtake, to make sure that the pass is made without contact.
    While driving behind a car, you are 100% responsible for avoiding contact.

  2. Overtaking (You must be at a cars door panel or at its “midway point” to have the inside or outside line, if you cannot get here or do so safely then you cannot overtake)
    To obtain right of road position, the overtaker’s car must have significant overlap of the car that is being overtaken, before they reach the corner’s turn-in point.
    Bumper next to bumper is where overlap starts.
    Door next to door is 100% overlap.

2.1 If there is NO OVERLAP before turn-in point (reiterating that the ahead driver always has the right of way, but must yield and follow the rules and race cleanly)
Ahead drivers have the right to take any line through a corner.
Ahead drivers have the right to choose any line down a straight, but only one move to defend their position.See also 4. Defending.

2.2. If there is OVERLAP before turn-in point
The car on the outside has the right to outside room all the way through the corner, while the car on the inside has the right to inside room all the way through the corner.
(During an overtaking manoeuvre both cars can´t use the optimal line, so both need to slow down in order to stay on their side of the track.)
3: Lapping drivers
If a persons dot is a dark orange, it tells you that a driver (who completed more laps than you) is going to overlap you and you are not allowed to defend, dont just roll onto the astro turf, but hold your line and be predictable, you can take the wide line to avoid issues.
Rule No.1 is still in place, so keep on driving on your normal racing line. This is again important to be predictable.
If you are coming up on a light orange dot, you are lapping someone, respect their line, and watch what they are doing, pass wide or pass inside if safe, otherwise overtake per the rules here.

  1. Defending
    While you are not being lapped, you may try to avoid being overtaken with only one (1) direction change per straight.
    Movement in reaction is blocking and leads to penalty.
    (If you make your move, after the car behind you made his move, that is blocking.)
    Making your car wide by not using the optimal line is defending.(edited)

  2. Don’t Tailgate
    If you and the driver ahead of you must stop give them space to do so if you are not overtaking. Underbraking is not accepted. If you are not overlapping you are not allowed to overtake on the inside by undertaking or dive bombing. However, you are allowed to pass safety if you are not overlapping.

Keep in mind that if you are reported to violate these rules you will receive a black mark. If you continue to do so you will be removed. If you race cleanly black marks will be removed. This will be on a case by case basis, IE. if you are new these rules will be more lenient as you adjust to them, for older racers these rules will be enforced.

If you see an offending driver feel free to submit a replay and possibly a time stamp so that it’s easy to find. If you can handle the situation yourself I suggest that you do so, every action does not need to be a black mark. I will also mention that if you DO cause an accident to not pass that driver and to stay behind them until they continue.

I hope to see some of you guys soon!