Endurance Race's in Forza 5


I am new to Forza 5 and new to the Xbox One family.

I purchased an Xbox on Thursday last week because of Forza and its Series upcoming.

I wanted to ask after playing Forza 5 for about 8 hours over 3-4days, is there any Endurance races to complete besides the championships and 2-3 laps that i keep doing?

Please advise.

Thank you.

I believe they have ditched endurance races in career, however you can always set up your own custom endurance race.

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There sure are. You go into free play and arrange the race parameters to your liking. The best part: you’ll earn credits and XP upon completion!

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That was my next question. If i complete 20 laps of the Nurburgring will i get more XP and Credits then completing 1 lap?

This sounds stupid but the last thing i want to be doing is wasting my time spending 2 hours to receive the same amount of XP. lol.

The more laps you complete, the higher the payout.

Ahh sweet sounds great :smiley: Thanks for your help people. Appreciate it.

the higher classes have longer races (like 7 laps) but nothing endurance. by the way keep an eye on the lap counter when you go up a few classes so you dont quit a lap before the race is over. i made that mistake a few times. even lost to that darned transit van.

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You’ve got great timing! Each of the last few months there is a short-lived lobby for a long race, typically 1.5-2.5 hr. I believe this weekend is “2.4 Hours of Le Mans” starting Friday 6/13! Check your XBox “Achievements” app, look for “Featured Challenges” - it’ll show you upcoming challenges with days, then hours, to start; once started, it shows you days/hours til finish.

Patience is a must in the endurance-race lobbies. You can exit and re-enter lobbies over and over to try and find a shorter wait time, but I find it’s usually 30 min to over an hour. Once you’re in the lobby, there can be some frustration if you get “glitched out” - I’ve had hour-long waits where it booted me back to title screen just as the race was starting, others have dropped when 70% through a race. But you can always keep coming back in and catching another race.

Meanwhile, time to rack up serious credits so you can buy the car when we find out what it is; picking up a Car Pass may help too, in case it’s one of the added cars.

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The only endurance race that doesn’t come and go is the gt endurance in multiplayer. Some of the track arnt as long in laps as they should be but it still more of an endurance then most unless you create you’re own.


We are still taking sign ups and a 2.4 Hour endurance race around Nurburgring is about to be announced.

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If I remeber right, the Long Beach Grand Prix paid 60,000 for 2 hrs. I dont know about the Indy hopper didn’t get on and do it.

What are your difficult/assist settings? 'Cause that is rather low.

That was creadits base not total and not XP I think I leveled up three times, so sure how much that is. TCS/STC and manual no clutch ABS I’m switch from auto to manual in FM4. I’m slowly working TCS and ABS off in the lower classes( B,A, some S). I’m still a button masher, trying to ease into controlled trottle and braking.

Ahh. That explains it. Keep at it and you’ll be racking up the credits!


I am wondering if anyone can provide me with an update on how much Credits and XP i would recieve on Easy assists with an Audi R8 worked on the Nurburgring Full + GP if i was to completed 24laps which equates to about 4hours on driving?

I am planning on creating my own endurance race :slight_smile:

it caps off at 60k so rather than doing a single 24 lap race do four 6 lap races. each lap pays 10k xp so you hit the max at 6 laps. doing four 6 lap races will give you 4X as much as a single 24 lap race. a six lap race will give you as much as a 24 lap race. 6 laps hits the cap.

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I think 60k is the most you can earn regardless… I won my lobby of the 2.4 Hours of Le Mans and got 60k before bonuses, running over 41 laps.

That’s fantastic so i will organize a mini endurance race lol 6 laps will take me 1 hour to complete.

However, is there another way or race where i can accumulate more XP + Credits from?

Any advice?

Unfortunately there are no endurance races within the career. However, you are able to go into free mode and set up a nice little race. You are able to receive credits too by winning races in free mode!

Thanks guys.