Endurance leagues or groups

I’m an experienced driver and really love endurance racing the most. It gets really just driving by myself. I’m looking to find a group of people or a league that does endurance racing

Some buddies and I do a GT race every sunday night. We qualify then do a race about an hour long. So far the races have been very close and the last race was decided on the last corner. Everybody is clean, fast, and mature. Send me a message on xbox if you would be interested!

There are plenty of them out there. Scour the forums to find the league that fits you. If you are 25+ I’d suggest too old for forza. Great group and many of different things going on.

Do check out TURN - theultimateracingnetwork.com - we have an array of racing, including endurance racing which is my favourite racing too. My own team is well represented and we’re going up against the likes of F4H, CQR, and many other major well known names.

I’m the Series Coordinator for the Virtual Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo. We run full simulation damage, no assists, no racing line, manual gearbox, etc. The races are 50 minutes in length and the events include a 15 minute Free Practice session and a 15 minute Qualifying session beforehand. There’s one mandatory pit stop and fuel/tire management does play a role in race strategy.

We have a dedicated website, social media pages, Results and Standings, a Driver’s Categorization system (to reward clean driving, attendance, and skill), and even a Spotter’s Guide of the registered cars and drivers. There’s only one race left in Season 1 (World Finals @ Sebring), but you’re more than welcome to join us for the race and Season 2 will follow soon after.

Season 2 is going to be very exciting for us thanks to the new Huracan Super Trofeo. For Season 2, the Gallardos will compete in the AM category and the Huracans will compete in the PRO-AM and PRO categories. You can get information on how to graduate from the AM class to senior categories on the Season 1 thread or go to Home > Info > Rules on the website.

If you decide it’s not your thing or can’t make it for scheduling reasons, I’m always happy to get some clean racing in or help people with tuning, as are many of the other drivers in the series.