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So… My method for grinding Credits (which is extremely boring, Turn10) has been to use the 1992 Ford Escort Cosworth FE (PI:R792) on the Daytona Oval at night. I did some math (not my strong (race) suit) & discovered that doing Circuit races nets more credits than Timed, simply because of the Drivatar Difficulty payout. I won’t bore you with the details, the dribble written above has probably already done that.
BUT, because grinding is so tedious I’m going to ask this question in stead of bothering to test it myself… I’ve seen people state that doing Daytona Oval in the Indy car is the best method for getting credits, so, can someone please provide me with some numbers?
How long does it take to complete the 50 laps & what is the base payout?
Thank you in advance to anyone who gives accurate details.

I have been doing a 50 lap race at Daytona Oval with the Hooigan Mustang and getting base pay of 88,000. It takes a little over 30 minutes.

50 laps at Indy pays 110,000 23 drivatars @ unbeatable. Takes about 32 minutes with 38.5 sec laptimes with the Indy car.

Interested to know where your 110,000 number came from… I just did this, 88,000 base rate just like any other car… Well, back to using the Escort.

Daytona Tri-Oval pays 88,000 Indy oval (Brickyard Circuit) pays 110,000. Indy oval in an indy car (which you just need to throttle 100% and steer around corners the whole race) you can get around 38s per lap. However, I modded my Camaro Sport FE (with 50% bonus if you go over 150mph) to do 200+ mph to speed things up a little. Takes around 40 mins or so.

Base - 110k
VIP - 110k
FE car - 55k
150mph - 55k

  • mods + difficulty + level up = easily 500k per race

So you’re using the Indy Circuit with the Camaro Sport FE? What PI did you MOD the Camaro to? And, are you using UNBEATABLE? (I’m interested in trying your solution)


I think I shared my tune. I haven’t played the game since Monday and the game crashed on the save screen, so not sure if it saved or not. Basically I upgraded everything to the max, including the engine swap, giving it around 950hp and increasing to S1 Class. I haven’t tried unbeatable though, I played highly skilled, as I’m not that confident in my driving ability (I play career on average most of the time, because I’m old, slow and rubbish). I know I’ve definitely got a tune saved and shared that upgrades to S1 but it tops out at 175mph without the engine swap mod, and laps at around 58s.

Thanks for the update… I usually run the Camaro Sport FE in its Homologated state and it can only do 154MPH around Daytona. On PRO difficulty, I can’t win unless the leaders get held up by lap traffic… So, I like your solution. Thanks!

Glad to have helped. It’s not as fast as the Indy car is of course, but it’s a lot less boring. Top speed is 210 in fully upgraded guise, but you do have to lift off the gas for the bends. Racing against CLKs and the like is a lot more challenging too.

I’m running career n with mods u can get 90 to 100k per race running long races which are less than 20 mins

I’m playing through the career at the moment doing extra long races I’m getting about 100k base pay for 40 minutes of driving. Just enter an open in whatever car you fancy. I’ve done a few in free play like this too, say 30-40 laps for short circuits, 20 laps for full size

It’s better than driving in circles; the end result isn’t too dissimilar and I’m having fun, so I couldn’t call it a grind.

X class R.S. 17 F1 on Maple, Alps or Prague with 23 Unbeatable Drivatards is fun and quick money. A 50 lap race (less than 1 hour) on Maple reverse with 3 high % CR cards is over 1 million CR if you include all of the post race bonus.

Alps 4,333 CR/lap
Maple 4,000 CR/lap
Prague 5,000 CR/lap

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Whatever happened to video games being fun, to being an escape from the world to sit in peace, have a good time, and enjoy something. The fact that playing the game has become a “Grind” or that “grinding” is needed to purchase the few higher tier cars that aren’t locked out for regular purchase speaks volumes…

3 Laps on Nurburgring, FE Car 100% CR bonus, 135% credits worth of Mods, Unbeatable AI with 11 cars on track (including mine) nets about 180 K.

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Well to me its not a grind and is fun,i DON’T have to have those few cars,if I get 1 fine,if I get none still fine,i don’t play the game to have every car,i play for fun and I have about 11 or 12 of those special cars,so the game is not a grind for everyone.


With long races in career (about 10 laps) and mods that pay 70%+ credits and VIP I’ve cleared 200k a few times. Most are around 150k though.

I quire enjoy the 50 laps at Daytona and Indy oval. If I considered either a drag, i would do it. I find it very relaxing.

One thing I could consider a grind is trying to do a good race, only to be bounced around by the AI. I get absolutely 0 enjoyment out of that.

So the Indy car gives 110,000 Cr base rate, that’s interesting, thanks for the info.
I’ll drop the numbers for what I was doing in the Escort just for the sake of it…

A single 4 hour race I would average 351 laps:
Base: 630,000
VIP: 630,000
Car: 630,000
AI: 0
200% worth of Mods: 1,260,000
So all up - 3,150,000 Cr.

A single 50 lap race would take about 34 mins:
Base: 88,000
VIP: 88,000
Car: 88,000
AI: 88,000
200% of Mods: 176,000
Adds up to be - 528,000 Cr.

So, x7 50 lap races (350 laps) takes roughly 4 hours anyway but the end result is 3,696,000 Credits, 546,000 more than doing the timed race.

No Car Bonus from using the Indy car & it’s still better than using the Escort.
But, as many have stated above (myself included), it gets rather boring after a bit, well, doing the 4 hour races multiple times in a day anyway, glad I discovered that the 50 lap races are better, can now alternate between doing these & the much more enjoyable Long or Extra Long races in what’s left of career mode…
Speaking of Career, did anyone else notice a strange obsession with ‘Spa in the rain’? It’s in almost every championship, what’s up with that? Is it really constantly raining in Belgium?

I think you mean “drivel”, not “dribble”.

I’m not sure why you pointed at Turn 10 after your statement about grinding being boring. Nobody is making you grind. You chose to do that instead of playing right. Let’s not pretend it’s necessary because cars are so expensive because I played all the 360 titles where cars could cost eight figures, and we didn’t have Forza Rewards and all the CR thrown at us every level-up.

I sometimes do a long race, not to grind but because in reality endurance races are generally at least three or four hours long (up to twenty-four) rather than an hour, and regular races are typically an hour and up. I do a longer race to get a more authentic motorsport experience.

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Nobody is pretending anything, I’m CHOOSING to grind because I want that stupid Skeleton Driver Gear & after buying about 80 of those crates I’ve only gotten 2 Legendaries. So yeah, it’s my choice, but because of the pathetic RNG system I am - in a way - forced to grind. Most of your ‘drivel’ was irrelevant, but thanks for sharing.

I would have to agree with your statement regarding the rain and would add VIR also shows up quite a bit in the wet…