Empty Porsche leagues

Why are they empty? Did only a few hundred people buy this pack?

Multiple times in the last weeks I’ve logged on, and been unable to find a lobby, or I get into a lobby with one other person, then they bail, and that’s it.

What’s the point of having it if nobody uses it? Maybe I just don’t get it, but I’d like to be able to use some of these cars I paid for.

Am I missing something? Is my timing just that bad?


Not missing anything, the track should have been free for everyone but nooo they just want more money instead of caring about the fans, the people that play their game, who just want have a good and fun experience. On fm5 they released 3 tracks along with 5 cars with each track for free for everyone. VIR should have been free for everyone so we could use other cars besides Porsches in multi-player. It would have been nice to see VIR in leagues. I never go in the Porsche lobby because I don’t want to be restricted to only driving 911s in R class and hoping that VIR will show up. They should have made the 911 hopper only contain all the VIR layouts cause to be honest if I wanted to drive Porsches on another track I would just go in a regular lobby, and I wouldn’t be restricted to only 911s in R class.

I think the Porsche and VIR League will get more participants once the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Race Series ends.

I’m busy with competing in the Lamborghini Series that wraps up shortly.

I’m looking forward to racing the Porsches on the new track.


This. I am in the same boat.

Even if they had to sell the track as part of the licensing deal they could have sold it separate from porsche. It reeks of money grabbing to be honest. Still haven’t decided if i’m gonna get it or not.

I refused to pay for it on principle, paywalled tracks will never thrive in a Multiplayer environment.

Fortunately a friend gifted me the pack anyway so I still got to try it out, but I certainly wasn’t going to pay for it.

I normally join races that have about 2-3 people in them, with the max being about 7, which is rare. It’s kinda cool cause races are most of the time so much more cleaner.

I bought the Porsche pack and VIR is great. But i want to drive other cars on it apart from just Porsches. The normal lobbies is where the majority of players are located, VIR should be integrated there. Having it all separate for only those who bought the expansion is an extremely poor designing concept. For all I care VIR is a singleplayer free play map, it doesn’t exist in multiplayer.

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I don’t think the track was a money grab as much as some additional incentive for people to buy the Porsche pack. Turn 10 surely had to pay big bucks for the Porsche pack and they need to sell this pack to cover the costs. I expect they decided to make this new track a part of the pack just as a further incentive to get people to buy it.

But I agree with everyone that they should have made the track free so that EVERYONE can use it in leagues and all multiplayer modes. Forza 5 released free tracks only because the track count was so low at launch. It wasn’t really a complete game and they knew it, so they released a number of free tracks after the fact. Forza 6 doesn’t have that problem. The track count in 6 is about as good as it’s ever been so Turn 10 clearly didn’t feel the need to release this for free. …but it’s too bad because the track is mostly useless as it can’t be featured in standard leagues or multiplayer hoppers.

…anyway sorry to go off topic. I’m guessing that there are much less players still playing Forza since the game is over 6 months old and people have moved on. Even less bought the Porsche pack. (and as stated above many are involved in the Lambo racing.)

There was a spec lobby open all weekend that was pretty fun. I came in and they were running 550’s, 914’s etc and I had a blast. Later they moved up into the R series cars and I bowed out on most of that as it was crazy. Some of the VIR layouts can best be described as go cart tracks and no place for a 200mph Porsche. I cannot run them and don’t even try.

I bought the Porsche pack for VIR, mainly. I use a few of the cars from time to time because I happen to have them, but I could certainly live without them. Ironically despite buying the pack for VIR and really liking it, I haven’t done so much as a lap around it since a week or two after it was released because it doesn’t appear in any game mode that I like, which means I basically spent £15 on a couple of cars I don’t give a toss about.

I won’t be making that mistake again.


The lack of participation should keep the wreckers to a minimum though. j/k. I’ve tried a few times but sitting, picking my nose and waiting for someone to run with reminds me too much of the Grid Autosport MP desert.

I bet a ghost league would fill up but they haven’t done one

I was waiting for you to say this…

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