empty online lobby

I went online for the first time in ages last night and no matter what time I was online I couldn’t find any lobbies to play in. Is there anproblem with my account or is the game just empty. I have had a few bad feedbacks online. Mainly because I’m not that good an occasionally do crash into people. This is mot through choice but driver error. Would this effect the matchmaking?

Are you able to create your own lobby?


Check your NAT settings Weasel. Needs to be an open NAT. If it’s strict, you probably won’t ever get in a lobby with other human opponents. If it’s moderate, you might get in with a couple of human opponents here and there. That’s how it works for me anyways. And to answer your question. I don’t think a few accidents would affect matchmaking. It would take EVERYONE giving you negative feedback and avoiding you to affect the matchmaking. Which I know from experience doesn’t even help. Just the other day on Modern Warfare 3 I was playing 1vs1 and kept getting in a lobby with 2 people I did not want to play with. So I gave them negative feedback and avoided them. Tried getting into a match again and kept getting in with the same two people, so that does not even work.

I’ve encountered plenty of dead lobbies, especially with the lower car classes.

I have had the same thing happen, I don’t think many people play below c class
also A and E & S and D tend to be empty as well

How do I check the Nat settings and them change them if need to. And didn’t try to create my own as presumed no one was online anyway.

I check my NAT settings by simply putting in a game that tells me what my settings are, Modern Warfare 3. Otherwise, I believe you’d have to go to the router companies website and look there and most likely change it there too if it is indeed your NAT settings. I’m not very tech savvy, so maybe someone else could explain that one.

earlier this evening I spent some time in D class and had about 5 players on. That was a real good room. Although one of the other people in the rom was a club mate, it was still a lot of fun. Keep trying there are still some of us out there.

I really fault both the matchmaker and the multiplayer design in this. The multiplayer portion of the game should give you an indication of where the active players are without needing to swap between lobbies to find someone.


i mostly find full aclass lobbies thats the only class i go for, try running a connection test in network settings and see if theres any issues, i had service alert for match making early this week

I also have had big problems with the lobbies. Empty lobbies for almost a week now (abcs). Cant connect to user created lobbies/races either. Auction house, storefront and everything else seems to be working alright. Help please!

I’m going to try this weekend.

ive managed to get on to a few races now. had a good room of people the other day, which unfortunately showed up how rusty I am at racing against actual people rather than the AI. poor overtaking by me, when I wasn’t about 3 seconds of the pace lol.

I bought new after the old Xbox broke, yesterday I entered the game and I had the same problem, I began to worry …

try c and b class lobbys

B Class is the busiest in my experience. M.S. & T10 FTW