-EM- Elite Motorsport [Xbox]

NOTICE- Thus is an Xbox One group and a microphone is recommended for car meets.

Hello all, my gamertag is EliteShadow6 and I just started the club Elite Motorsport. I am planning on having a few car “meets” where we can show off our cars and show off our skills on different activities such as Drift Zone and Speed Trap competitions every week. I started this group in hopes to get cool videos from the drone view, I also plan to start a small YouTube channel to archive our car meet footage, funny edits from challenges that the group takes part in, and some cool visually appealing edits like Ken Blocks Gymkhana videos except in Horizon 3. But the channel is for another time. I plan on gathering about 15 members before our first car meet. We will most likely have a schedule so you can plan ahead. Thank you for your time, consider sending me a friend request or messaging me about the group or other inquiries. Drive safe.