Elite Reward Cars...

I’ve finished the original 6 championships, obtained the Drivers Cup and have opened the elite series. I’ve now completed 65,000 / 65,000 series points for the Master series and wasn’t rewarded with the 2017 Camaro ZL1 Forza Edition car…

NowI should mention in the Master series, I’ve finished 5 / 5 showcase events and 10 / 13 race series to reach 65k SP…

Do I have to finish all 13 series to gain the Camaro ZL1? or is this a bug?

Yes,all of them.


Do you need to win them all? i mean max out points for every race?
or is finishing the serie enough?

I have 2 events where i’m short 60 points of max.
i’m not in the mood for doing them again to max out points!!

No you dont have to win them all
You just need to complete ALL of them

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that sucks, but oh well I guess. Thanks for helping! Appreciate it!

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You are welcome!!