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Had a ? Is the Elite controller any beneficial than the standard I was thinking on buying one for Forza?Well bought the Elite Xboxone that came with the controller my hard rive was used up and I heard good reviews for the new box, but you guys gave good advice the controller is great

It certainly gives you much more control over sensitivity settings, the length of throw on the triggers, extensive re-mapping, even without using the 4 paddles.

While you also get 3 different length sticks for each thumbsticks, 2 of which have convex surfaces, the others have deeper concave surfaces. The throw left and right is wider, but the ‘actual’ left/right throw remains the same.

Reason being, is the actual stems of each stick are ‘the same as a standard controller’, as are the openings in which they fit.

So irrespective of the length of the sticks, which allow the thumb to ‘travel further left/right’ - they can only move as far left and right (visa-versa) as the openings allow when the sticks body hits the round opening. So the actual axis of the thumbsticks are the same, irrespective of the length of the stick. The body of the thumbsticks can only go as far as the opening allows…

The paddles and extra sticks are held in place by a unique magnetic system, which allows for quick, easy changing of any stick or paddle. You can swap the shorter and longer paddles around to suit your hands etc…

Getting used to the paddles can be a little itssy at first, as they can be triggered quiet easily by bigger hands/fingers when you grasp the controllers hand stems. The paddles are directly underneath where your fingers normally rest, and trying to work brake and say clutch symaltaniously can be a task at the start.

The grips are great, They feel very secure in your hands, much like the Forza Xbox One special edition 1 terabyte console has on its controllers.

It certainly stops you from slipping with sweaty hands in longer races.

While I have one, I ended up slipping back into using the latest release controllers, which differed ‘slightly’ from the original Xbox One controller - just a little.

On the 360, I pulled the controller apart and opened up the openings on the top half so the thumbsticks could travel further left, right, and up and down. This DID give me more steering axis in-game… I’ve yet to pull a Xbox one controller apart - soon perhaps.

It’s definitely worth it if you’re playing other games, and you can have 2 pre sets that are activated by a simple switch on the top of the controller. Allowing you to say switch between say Forza and any FPS etc…

They come in a great shockproof case and have to be synced in with the console and download a small app that allows you complete access to a multitude of settings.

You should enjoy it if you like to tinker with such things…

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Thankyou that was very helpful,Iam trying to find one I see some for 149 and some for 250 wonder what’s the difference?

just plain greed on the retailers behave mate, mine cost me $AU199.00 incl postage from EB Games (GameStop)

Plus, make sure it’s the Special Edition Elite Controller, not the Halo Elite controller that came out around the same time. It has some Halo designs on it, while the Elite Conroller comes in a beautiful box, much like how Apple do their packaging…

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Getting used to the elite can be a little daunting at first, but it is well worth it, especially with Forza.

The Elite comes with a controller preset for Forza, which I tried, but ultimately didn’t like. It is Clutch is mapped to both left paddles, and shift up/down are mapped to the top/bottom right paddles. I’m sure this works great for some people, but just didn’t for me. So, what I did was change both top paddles to clutch, the the bottom paddles to shift down/up, which ended up being incredibly natural for me.

I also switched the left thumb stick out for for the taller stick. This allows better precision with the stick, as it increases the radius. So while the “lock to lock” angles are the same, because the radius is longer, the circumference is longer. More travel at the end of the stick essentially means greater resolution to movement details.

Between the longer left stick, and switching to the manual w/ clutch, the game has prompted me to bump up the AI difficulty twice (which I’ve done), and still spanking them on most tracks.

Since day 1, I’ve raced on Average, and that’s where I’ve stayed until last week. Then, after destroying the competition (3000+ft to 2nd) a few times, it prompted me to move up to Above Average. Same thing. 3000+ ft to 2nd, and it prompted me again. Now, it’s a bit closer, but still beating by 1500+ft on most tracks. Road America was the closest at around 100ft to 2nd. I’m terrible at that track.

All in all, I’m personally driving much better with the Elite. Of course, YMMV.

Plus, the elite is just a great feeling controller.

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