Elite controller. Worth it?

Looking at maybe getting an Elite controller, however I’m hesitant due to the price! Are they worth spending the extra? Do they jave a long guarantee if they go wrong? Can you notice a difference between the regular and the Elite controller?

To those who use them, is it worth it?

It’s a good controller. It feels a little heavier and the paddles are good for manual. It still uses the analog sticks from the og controller though, so stick drift can still be a problem. As expensive as it is I would recommend getting it at best buy with the extra warranty. Or wait and see if they release an updated one with the new sticks and Bluetooth.

I think it helps. I find the longer sticks better for racing. I think analog stick are a bit sturdier cause I broke them on two regular controllers almost immediately and I have had the elite for months now and no problem. It will probably save me money in the long run. I didn’t get the warranty from best buy but I probably should have just in case. I believe it was only $20.

I have both and I prefer the Elite for sure. It feels much more robust and sturdy than the standard one, which now feels like a plastic toy. I don’t use the pedals on the back but I do however use the brake lock somewhere 50% pushed in or whatever setting it is. That helps my rookie style of braking (no ABS) without locking up.

Is it worth the heavy price tag if money is an issue? IMO not. But if money ain’t that much of a deal I would say get it.

Haven’t tried it in other games yet but I assume for FH3 it’s the best device out there. That is assuming that wheel support in FH3 is as poor as it is in previous Forza titles.

For the price absolutely not.

Straight away you can feel the difference and it’s a better one at that! Difficult to explain and to know exactly what we mean you need to hold it for yourself.

Price, it’s a fair amount could be a little cheaper though to me the price is fair for what you receive with the controller and the great quality.

Overall. If money isn’t an issue for you Dribbly then go for it! :slight_smile:

I don’t have one, but many other top drivers praise the trigger stops for much improved braking and consistency. I think the controller is a simple step in helping anybody become a better driver on forza

Trigger stops are quite a brilliant thing.

Doesn’t work on every car but works on most as to where you’ll brake perfectly and not lock your tyres which can also be adjusted even more in the settings

The elite controller actually helps me during long races just from turning down the vibration on the left side of the controller, my hand dosent fall asleep or hurt anymore. I keep the triggers at 100% vibration and that helps alot with braking and throttle control. Plus it feels like a real piece of hardware, not some plastic toy.

That’s great, thanks guys.

I’ll order it as soon as I’m home :smiley:

Worth every penny.

My only complaint is the under rubber grips are stretching but i’m expecting warranty will cover this and they’ve rectified this flaw by now - bought mine day 1 and it took 9 months to happen so ya.

Just like the xbox one controller makes the 360 controller feel like a toy…
… the elite controller makes the xbox one controller feel like a toy :slight_smile:

Warranty is only 3 months from Micro soft. My left analog stick kept moving up and down in the case ( this is common, check U tube) Mine broke 1 day after the warranty was up, caledl Microsoft and they couldn’t help. 150$ controller and 3 month warranty is Bull.