Elite controller help

How do you set a trigger lock so the brakes don’t lock up when abs is off

Just click the left trigger lock on underneath the controller, set your dead zones to 0-100 and brake pressure to 130-150 depending on the car.

Also if using non tunable brakes you can set you deadzones to 0-91 and that will trick it into a slightly high % pull(high 70-low 80%) where as the 0-100 will be @ high 60 to low 70%.

You could also adjust brake power in the tuning menu, as long you got race brakes. Don’t know, whats easier or more effective.

With Race brakes fitted and using an Elite controller with the Brake Trigger locked I use 120% break presseur in the tune. Now as My Elite is in the shop being replace due to the Rubber Grips starting to come off I have be forced to use the Standard White controller​:confounded::sob::fearful: For that I set Break Presseur at 60% to 70% and no lock ups well almost none but is way easier to control breaking this way.