Eliminator tips

Is there a certain way to prevent the game from always starting the race to go the same direction as the other person is going? It seems like everytime I try to race somebody it always goes whatever Direction they are going and not the direction I’m going and I almost always lose

Juist found this. If the H2H destination seems to always be going the other way from you and the same way that the other driver is going, it is because the other driver knows which way the destination is likely going to be and you don’t. If you look in the map view and see the current arena, the H2H races are generally going to go in the direction of the center of the map. So if you are on the east side of the arena, you will want to be face west before you challenge or in anticipation of a nearby driver challenging you,

This guy on YouTube often does Eliminator videos, often with 2-3 rounds in 1 video.

He’s pretty good and has pretty solid map knowledge, I mention this because after watching his videos I figured out how the Eliminator works and it became more fun.

You’ll see he shows why certain cars aren’t necessarily so good, and others you’d think were poor are quite good.

Anyhow, check him out if your interested, it helped me watching him play a few rounds and listening to his commentary or strategies he uses.

Good luck.