ELIMINATOR Achievement "Heads Up" bugged/didnt unlock

hello boys and girls,

there must be some trouble with the “heads up” achievement, I tryed to unlocked this one multiple times now.

i won two times without taken any car drops from the map or car drops by upgrading your car by winning head to head races (left button)
the one and only thing i did is picking the opponents cars by winning head to head races (right button)
the achievement didnt unlock after winning the emimiator.

so i tryed this a 3rd time… but this time without taken any cars, no cars from the map, avoid head to head races, just hiding near the circle and try my best to win the eliminator with the start up car, the red mini cooper, to secure that it didnt use any car drop.
so far so good, after a few fails, i won with the starter car but the achievement didnt unlock here for me, too.

is anybody here with the same issue?
did someone unlock this achievement or is this one bugged like “pacifist”, too?

best regards

Edit: forza support ticket id: #63420

A lot of people have unlocked both of those, but it also seems that a lot of other people are having trouble with them unlocking, despite them having met the requirements. Quite why, is unclear at the moment.

a friend of mine get a achievement by winning with the mini cooper, of other friend get it by only taking the opponents car in head to head races (right button).

i did both ways and didnt get the achievement, so it bugged for me and some other players

If you are playing on Xbox and have not received “Pacifist” and “Heads Up” achievements, then leave the game and reboot your Xbox, do not turn off, but reboot. After rebooting, your Xbox will turn on again. After that turn it off for 15-20min. Then, turn it on and start the game and try to get those achievements.
I tried to get the “Pacifist” achievement 10-12 times, but it never worked. Then I decided to reboot my Xbox and then turned it off for a while. Then I tried again to get that achievement and it worked.
If It worked for me, maybe it will work for you.

Good luck!

restart the console hope the best and try to collect heads up and pacifist over and over again doesnt feels right.
anyway i cant test your tipp cuz i am a pc ganer :confused:

btw i got the pacifist achievement without any trouble but later in the same gaming session it didnt unlock the heads up achievement for me.

Also having issue with these 2 achievements

Restarting Xbox helped with pacifist achievement

Heads up achievement works too. You can take opponents car/upgrade - they don’t count as car drops. 2985/3000 just one more achievement :sunglasses:

I am completely annoyed, today i tried to unlock this achievement again, retstarted my computer, checked for game and windows updates and then tried my best to win without taken any car drops.

after 3 winning games with no achievement yesterday, i won another game today, but again… no achievement. its frustrating. you play 1 or 2 hours to do this challenge and then you get nothing.

@the devs: please take a look at the achievements and try to fix it.

winning screen: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I think my achievement is bugged as well. I upgraded my car from head to head races, being a Lamborghini Urus level 7 at the end and won a game but my achievement counter on Xbox is saying 50% and I didn’t picked up any drops. And Its saying 50% since I done a Pacifist achievement.

i can agree with that. my achievement progress is saying 50% as well.

status: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Worked for me after getting 1st place in the mini. Weird it’s bugged for some and not others :frowning:

Did “The Pacifist” achievement a couple years ago, achievement didn’t unlock. Just won the Eliminator without any drops, didn’t unlock. I surely hope I won’t have to these these over again and they’ll unlock automatically once this bug is fixed.

EDIT: Both achievements unlocked soon after I launched the game today, hope everyone else gets their’s unlocked as well and thanks PG :wink:


Yestaurday, i win the eliminator with LV1 mini, but this game NO pop up the achv? this is a bug…

Game tag: MarsMacao

Confirming this bug.

Won the Eliminator twice without picking up any car drops. It did not unlock the achievement.

Game tag: Wiresetc / aap92

Before I already posted about the Encore achievement not unlocking even though I got Playlist 15 to 100% completion. Please fix the achievements!

Edit: Reinstalling the game and syncing the save game does not change anything.

Edit2: Heads Up achievement just unlocked for me today. Thanks. I’ll try to do Encore again to see if it detects the completion this time.

The “Heads Up” Achievement is also bugged for me.
I unlocked it 19 days ago and uploaded it to the XBOX community. Passed it with the mini starter car.
Gamertag: Boernie247

Shame it’s bugged for some people. I did it by beating a 6 car in a mini, then got to 7, then got to 9. No car drops.

The achievement didn’t unlock in my case too. I have a screenshot of me winning in a starter car, but I guess it doesn’t matter.

Tried the achievement today. Won with only cars from a head-to-head - No unlock… this should be fixed asap, really ruins the achievement hunting fun…

In order to unlock the “heads up” achievement you must only take car drops after you win a race do not acquire any car drops from the map itself. You have to do this twice in order to unlock it if you do it once it goes up to 50% and then you have to do one more time to get 100% and unlock the achievement. Good Luck!