Just to start off I don’t want to make this a wish list thread and it’s not meant to be a rant. I’m just curious that there seems to be absolutely nothing electric/hybrid in the game unless you count the P1 but it kind of feels like a regular ICE rather than the way the CRz in F4 started from 0rpm. It makes sense with it being a launch title they need to cut back on the car count and slow stuff like most hybrids are easy to lose but the absence of Tesla seems odd and I kind of expected the P1 and LaFerrari to act a bit electric from a stop. Is there something about the new physics engine that keeps electric motors from being modeled?

I’d love to give
a spin…

Well … that didn’t take long.

In my opinion, the Forza franchise will start to emulate engine/motor consumption more accurately, moving forward. That is to say, I suspect the next direction is to closely simulate fuel use and battery life. As such, the electric vehicles - which were meagerly represented in past Forza titles - are absent until that programing is integrated. Again … only my speculation.

I hadn’t thought of that. That would explain why they bothered to even include limited fuel and tires even though it’s completely unused in the career. Hopefully realistic enduros will be a part of F6.