Ektoplazmic paints [update 03_12_19]

Hi there,

Aware of being light years of the artists who post in this part of the forum, I allow myself to humbly show some creations made on xbox.
Returns are highly appreciated as well as any advice to go further.
Thanks in advance.

Golf Belgian Police
Golf r police by Michel Dirick, sur Flickr

RS6 SMUR (Emergency Medical Service)
A6 smur by Michel Dirick, sur Flickr

BMW M4 Ice Watch
M4 ice watch by Michel Dirick, sur Flickr

S1 Audi Sport
S1 audi sport by Michel Dirick, sur Flickr

Focus RS
Focus RS by Michel Dirick, sur Flickr

Hello and welcome here.

Everyone started in the editor, so your first designs are the ones you learn the techniques.

So here a little feedback on your work:

The Golf is well done, everything seems in the right place. Maybe some more little decals with emergency numbers…

The Audi reminds me on no existing Emergency design…maybe because thats why it appears a bit too simple to me. I would recommend to fit the orange side stripes to the ones on the trunk. Then i would add some more details…maybe like a heartbeat sinus rhytm decal, or at least some typical emergency signs.

The BMW is a nice one, you just need to rotate the Dekra and ice signs, so that they have the same angle as your stripes

The Audi does need same as BMW…maybe a number in the Dekra sign would also look nice

The Ford is your best one i think. Nice color mix some logos (not too much) maybe the logos also don´t have the right angle, but it is hard to see on the picture. Try to follow the shapes of the car while placing logos.

Hope that helps to get better and better and most of all, have fun creating your stuff.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I will it into account for the future.

The Audi RS6 is based on medical emergency vehicles in Belgium (http://www.autographe.be/smur/). Pretty simple design, I agree. You have a good idea with a heartbeat sinus rythm.

I’ve made some other designs and have corrected the position of the laterals signs yet.


Hi guys,

Wow it’s time consuming to create all the logos on the xbox, I will try to use glass2k to be more precise. For now, I realize logos “freehand”, it’s not very easy for me but is the same for all people :slight_smile:

This is the corrected M4 Ice Watch




And two others design, pretty simple.







Any comment will be appreciated :slight_smile: