Editing license plates (demo)

Once a custom license plate is created can it be changed/edited ?

I’m not sure. I stopped trying to create one after it told me Hunter (which it let me select as my driver’s name and the game says aloud) is somehow profanity in Australia. Who knew?

I dont know it as any profanity here
I know it rhymes with something though

Anyway it would be something to do with xbox lives t’s and c’s if something isnt allowed

What? Lol.

I’m gonna try “bloody” when I get this demo is downloaded just out of curiosity lpl

XBL’s profanity filter is quite harsh, and pretty random at times (especially in Forza games, it seems).


Yep. A certain real brand of tires is filtered every time.


Maybe Falken

Surely Kumho

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That’s the one.

I thought this was about license plates? WTF!!!

The language filters are universal from Xbox Live regulations, not increased or decreased in any Forza/Horizon games. The filters originate with Xbox Live, and are applicable in all Xbox games.

Did they really ad no “-” in the Plates costomization ?

You can change number plates by going back to the autoshow.

I found out KINGKONG don’t work but MEGATRON does.


Strange how the word “Hunter” is blocked; I’ve seen car designs online that say P— Hub. The heck?

What a strange world we live in… :joy:

So, I wonder how many players will get stuff through filters and think their vulgar plates are creative or humorous…, and then get banned. Seriously, it’s got to happen. People put inappropriate stuff on custom liveries, get banned for it, and whine about how they think it should be okay. I can’t see how the same won’t happen with plates.


Wow lol.

Didn’t realise hunter could be offensive down here.

Oh you bet. I can only imagine all the anatomy and profanity that will be on them.