Earning money in Horizon 3

I bought Horizon 2 days ago and already have collection of cars but I see youtubers having tons of money and cars and dont know how . Anyone help?

I need Cr not tokens

Youtubers - Gifted Credits from Turn 10 to enable them to get the more expensive cars early to show them in online videos…?

Elite Tuners/Painters can make a lot of money selling cars especially the HE and Prize Cars / Unicorns…

Higher Tier players who have played other Forza titles in the past get bigger weekly rewards and If you in a club you can get money each week for taking part in the club ladder over 500K credits if you can get to the top level club tier…

Or once you have progressed further through the game you can start “grinding” using Credit boost Horizon Edition cars… I have made over 300M CR playing the game and “ground” 96M CR’s running 6 lap goliath races with CR boost HE to buy all the cars needed to complete the garage in the Black Friday Sales… I have since built up to 65M again whilst XP Grinding with XP boost HE to pass Level 1000 (around 93M XP needed)

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Race Race Racey Race lol.


It’s extremely easy to get credits in FH3 by just playing and racing. Give it just a bit of time and you’ll have more cars and money than you know what to do with.


Get yourself a Ford GT HE car. Max your perks. Get the double credit perk for Exhibitions.

Go race a 4-5 lap Goliath Exhibition Blueprint.

Rinse and repeat. The money and wheelspins will flow in while you are low level.

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Pretty much this. Just farm Goliath, every time with a HE car with credit boost along with the Double Down perk. Four to five laps is about on an hour for me, so it might be a bit lengthy for others.

IIRC you will have to have The Byron Bay Festival Site expanded to Level 5 to unlock Goliath…

That is correct. When I was starting out, everyone was already Goliath farming. I couldn’t figure out what they meant until I LVL 5’ed the Bay and I stumbled upon it.

I purchased the Ulitmate edition about a month ago, and I still have many cars that I have not yet tried out. The included VIP and DLC content will get you going quickly. VIP status doubles the payout on most wheelspins, so you can build cash pretty quick. Add to that, the DLC cars included, and you’ll be hoarding most of your earned $ for a while. (though, I do think they made some changes to the wheelspin payouts in that last update. I see many more 2k and 7k payouts now) If you bought the standard version, I think you can purchase VIP and DLC car packs separately. FWIW, you don’t need to add the extra content, It will just take more grinding to get there.

Youtubers play hundreds of hours a week, that alone is enough to make millions. They also sells cars that sell for more than yours or mine because they are Internet famous. Like someone else said, play through championships in HE credit boost cars, do high bounty head to heads, beat rivals in credit boost HE cars, that should all help you make close to 1 million per 2 hours, maybe more. It’s all about putting time into it.

Just a couple of quick clarifications …

There aren’t ‘hundreds’ of hours in an entire week even if someone played 24 hours a day every day without sleeping at all. But we get what you mean …

And being ‘internet famous’ has absolutely nothing to do with how much someone can sell their cars for.


It doesn’t affect how much they can sell for, but I know one youtuber’s whose cars always get bought out, which is an easy 5m. And yeah, hundreds of hours is exaggerating, one hundred is a lot even if they only play this game, but you know what I mean. Playing this and other games is basically their full time job.

Don’t forget to grab credits from the hub or rewards web page…

I agree. They may (or may not) get gifted money for car or game promotion purposes, but I highly doubt the game can discern Don Joewon Song from anyone else when putting a car in the AH.

That’s a valid point. Applies in real life, too. The more reputable the person, the more apt someone would be to pay far greater the value for their car.

There’s also the Auction House. It takes some skill, dedication and a little luck but I can make several million a day in between racing. Pick a car, bid on a bunch in the morning, win a few, paint, tune, relist in the evening, sell for a profit. I enjoy it and it saves me “grinding” on the goliath track for hours.

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would say the best ways are: share designs, tunes, goliath race, and just race

Turning profit from the Auction House is easy for me. Especially with how well FR-S’s and 350Z’s are selling. Problem being is that you have to balance out the buy-out and starting price with what others think is a good deal. I usually make a 6 to 7 fold profit return from those two, which every one I sell has either a Supra or Skyline swap along with everything else all maxed out.

Usually, when you go up into cars that are higher class (stock from the Autoshow), generally you’ll have way less upgrades to pay for. Thus, the profit that comes in, if it even sells, is likely a lot lower than the things that I sell. Plus, it makes me feel good that some poor kid pays 40k buy-out for a BR-Z I built that’s worth over 100k credits in its entirety.

Auction cars you don’t use and if people bid on them then you get the money but the auction house takes a little bit of the money

if any one needs some HE cars look up sunwardloin7169 at any time or add me as a freind and send what cars you want and if i have them i will put them up