Earning influence for painter, tuner, photographer and blueprint

I was wondering what the requirements are for leveling up my influence in more creative disciplines. Do I have to just create lots of tunes, paints photos and blueprints? Do they have to be published? Do other players have to use/view my creations?

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I’m unsure in this myself as I don’t see any notifications of my Influence rising (or more specifically, what’s making them rise).

I am sure that you gain a small amount every time your content is used or downloaded, but I think there might be a small gain when you upload too. I uploaded 250 Vinyl Groups last week and went to Painter Rank 4 almost immediately.

I have conversations going on right now with a couple of PG people to try and get some clarification on how the system works now as it’s changed from previous games. But based on what I’m seeing, either this new system makes no logical sense or it’s not working as intended right now. Or there’s more to it than can be seen from the game menus and stats. For example, there are a couple of painters with more uploads and downloads than I have… Yet they are not at my painter level.


Ah, well please keep us updated on it.

I hope PG lays out what the requirements are so I know what I have to do to get any rewards behind these various creative levels.

I streamed for close to 5 hours, and that was Saturday, it is now Tuesday and I have yet to receive any type of influence for it. My Xbox account is linked to mixer and I’ve followed all the steps but nothing. What am I doing wrong?

you have to restart the game to get the influence.

if you haven’t realised yet you have to be active while streaming to get influence. so if you were puased or not moving you would not have gotten influence

Have you completed the first year and gotten onto the main roster?

Yes sir I have. Got that around lvl 23 and I am now 73

Painter influence is based on how many designs or vinyl you share. Each share gets you 100 influence points I tested this out last night and was able to go from level 5 to six. It will be a lot of shares to reach level ten as for me to go from level 6 to level 7 is 31000 influence points or 310 shares and I am sure it will go up from there for the other levels.


Do you mean shares or downloads? I’ve got over 2000 downloads and I’m still level 4.

Sorry but I have to disagree. This statement is not accurate. I know of many painters who have shared many many more paints than I have … like 4 or 5 times more than I have … yet do not have the painter influence or painter level that I do. Also, I have seen my painter influence increase at times when I have not shared any designs. And there are many times that my painter influence has increased by an amount that is not a round 100 points or a multiple of 100.

Still waiting for some official explanation from T10 or PG as to how this new system works. I have not yet seen anyone with an explanation that works or fits all scenarios.

From what I have seen it is based on shares only, I had over 45000 downloads and was at level 5, Then I check it by sharing a vinyl and a design and both took 100 points off.

Sounds like if I just share a bunch of crappy designs I’m going to level quicker than the real artist that put a ton of effort into their work.

This should be addressed by PG. Both so that the real artist get appropriate level progression and also so people like me that just want the unlocks can get them without spamming a ton of useless content.


I agree, if that’s the way it works it promotes sub-par work.

I think Influence should be gained based on how many downloads, likes and uses you get from your content, as you are “influencing” people to use your creations. :wink:


I have 10000 downloads on my paints and only rank 3 and it’s not moving at all. Something is wrong in this game. Please fix it Forza

Hey all,

I don’t get how some of the My Horizon Life aspects work, like Tuner, Blueprinter, Painter, Photographer…how does one progress in these?

These are all to do with sharing your content and others using it.

For Tunes to increase you upgrade one of your cars, or change settings in the Tuning and Save those changes. You get the option to Share them and this makes them available to other players. include a title and brief description then it is up to other players to decide whether to pick your tune over someone elses. Progression then seems largely based on how much other people use your tunes.

Blueprints is to do with creating your own custom version of races. In the Horizon championship you are prompted early on with one of them to create a blueprint race - options to change the type of car, the weather, the season, give it a name, then you race it and allow others to try it too.

Painter - like Tuner but painting your cars, sharing the designs and seeing how many people like them and use them

Photographer I’ve yet to do - took me best part of a week to even find the camera (up on D-pad). Then I guess it is about how many people view your photos and like them.

So in other terms, it’s almost completely out of my hands how those progress?

No quite the opposite, it’s completely up to you.